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Finished tearing down the head and its ready to go to the machine shop sometime soon.  Have been purchasing parts a-lot lately as there are a-lot of things I want to replace while everything is apart. 

First I bought a complete head gasket set from www.carmadillo.com for $102

At the same time I also bought a set of Denso Iridium Spark Plugs for $11 each.  These are supposed to be the best of the best for spark plugs, notice the tiny electrode at the end of the spark plug.  This is made of a rare metal that was found in an asteroid that landed in the Gulf Of Mexico.  They should keep my engine running well for a very long time.

My next purchase was a set of ARP head studs.  These will allow me to get very accurate cylinder head torque and will keep things in place if I turbocharge the motor in the future.  They were purchased from Summit Racing for $102.  It would probably cost nearly as much to buy stock replacements from the dealer and the old ones cannot be reused so this is not such a bad thing.

Also purchased from Summit Racing is a 2 1/2" high flow cat that is a direct bolt on replacement for my stock 1 7/8" cat.  This was an expensive purchase but should yield some good power as removing the cat adds 9hp  so this should give at least 5hp if not more. 

I purchased a used Pacesetter headder from a MK2 Supra mailing list member.  It needs to have a flange welded on it and then it needs to go to Lake City for ceramic coating.

I bought 4 210cc injectors from the junkyard a while back that will need cleaning before going in I also will need 2 more of these might have to buy new as they are hard to find.

That being said I still have lots of things to buy as well as machine work that needs done.  Here's my shopping list as of now to complete the project.

1.)Flange for the headder $8

2.)Radiator $170

3.)Injector grommets-For some reason the gasket kit came with only the O-Rings but no grommets $12

4.)Water Pump $60

5.)Front main seal $10

6.)2 210cc Injectors $15-80

7.)New stainless steel valves $90

8.)Valve springs $50

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