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Purchasing more parts.  Problems in locating some parts.

    My goal this month is to have the cylinder head pressure tested and machined.  Also to buy the rest of the parts I need to put the cylinder head back together.  The first thing I did was to order a new set of intake valves from NOPI.com.  I got a call the next day to tell me they only had 4 and could not get any more, I cancelled that order and went to Advance Auto.  They had 4 also at $7.28 each and they could special order 2 more for $15.99 each.  I told them never mind and finally was able to order a set at Carmadillo.com. They were only $5 each too!!!!  Next I tried to locate a set of injector grommets, I tried Advance auto for those also and they couldn't get them.  I'm still looking but I may have to get those from the dealer.  I ordered 2 more 210cc injectors from a list member to go with the 4 I already have.  Once I have all 6 I will send them out for cleaning and balancing. 

    The cam tower gaskets that came with my head rebuild kit were made of paper while the OEM gaskets are metal.  I found out from a list member that Fel-Pro sells metal cam tower gaskets part number VS50413 they should be under $20 for the pair, I paid $17.

    I purchased some copper gasket spray which will be used on the head gasket and exhaust gasket.  The copper spray is an additional precaution against leaking on these high temp gaskets where RTV cannot be used.  I also purchased some gasket adhesive which will be used on the hard to seal cam tower gaskets as well as anywhere else that it may be needed.


I bought a 2 1/4 inch 2 bolt exhaust flange at a local exhaust shop to use on my header where it bolts to the cat.  I also bought a 2 inch to 2 1/4 inch exhaust reducer to gradually step the transition between the 2 inch header collector and the 2 1/2 inch cat.


I bought 50 feet of 1 inch fiberglass insulating wrap to wrap the headers with.  This helps keep the hot exhaust from melting things inside the engine bay as well as increasing the exhaust velocity and creating more power.  After the headers are wrapped they will be sprayed with a high temp coating to seal them from fluid.



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