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`Flowers? OH, FLOWERS! No-no-no. Those were gone BEFORE I got here.'

Raisen denies fault in the disappearance of the flowers on the ends of the stalks on the plant.


`And just WHERE the heck have YOU been!!!'

Here, Raisen proceeds to tell the author what is on her mind
just after he walked through the door after returning from a two-week
trip to New Jersey. (Guess she didn't like being babysat.)
Click here to listen to the event live as it happened.


The Water at the End of the Faucet.
Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Tongue!

Raisen seems to have a strange fascination with the stuff that
dribbles from any sink faucet. When asked about it, she replied,
`It's AMAZING! You can play with it and drink it at the same time! And
oh! how it sparkles! Have you ever tried to catch a drop in your
mouth? It's not easy! Keeps me busy for hours at a time! It's better
than that Crazy Kat(TM) thing *and* the cat video combined!!!


Raisen: `Why, GEE!...I'm...I'm so BEAUTIFUL, you know! Yes. Look
at me. Aren't I pretty. Gosh. I could...I could just look at myself
in a mirror ALL DAY!


Raisen: `C'mon up here on the picnic table, Mom. The huntin's better
over here away from that darned bug smoke where they're sittin'.
Darned stuff's killin' all my fun! [sneeze!]


Aw! C'mon, Man! Leave me alone!

Raisen in a rare, more tranquil period.
Sleeping on Master's bed...or trying to!


A simple subject.

Sitting still with n'er the slightest fuss for a camera close-up; but probably THINKING: `GO AWAY! or I'll put my paw on your nose again and HOLD it there! Don't you have anything BETTER to do? Get back. I'll sneeze on your camera! I'm WARNING you!'


Raisen's Waterhole & Lounge

The Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name.



`This one's gonna be a bugger, isn't it?'



Scanned for me by Steve King/KC6WCH. (Thanks, Steve!)

A closeup of Raisen's face indoors. 3M Scotch 200 ASA color print film. 1/60-sec., with flash, at f/16, using 55mm lens and 2X tele-extender. Mamiya MSX-1000 35mm SLR. Taken Jan. 7, 1997 at 11:30pm EST.



Scanned for me by Steve King/KC6WCH.

Raisen atop a card table next to a stained glass lantern. Used a kitty teaser to get Raisen to "pose" for this shot. Mamiya MSX-1000 35mm SLR. 1/60-sec., f/2, 50mm lens, soft-focus lens filter. Fuji Super G Plus 800 color print film. Taken Jan. 10, 1997 at 7:03pm EST.



Scanned for me by Steve King/KC6WCH.

The author's kitty-kat, `Raisen,' attempting to take a snooze.

Mamiya MSX-1000 35mm SLR camera with a 50mm/f2.8 lens set to f/2. Exposure length was 1/60th second. Film used was Fujicolor Super G Plus 800 color print film. No special effects lenses were used for this photo.

Raisen is lying atop a round card table with a green, terricloth towel spread across the top (which was `mushed up a little' for effect), and a stained glass lamp placed just off of center on the table. Its actually the last of three like photos taken during one session. In the previous photos, Raisen was coaxed to pose in front of the lamp. Here, she decided that she was done with this silly cherade, and she let me know this by grabbing the teaser with her right front paw, pulling it down flat to the table, releasing it, turning around in a circle twice, and lying ON TOP OF the teaser, and going to sleep - whilst keeping her eyes on me with a look of "pick it up again and I'll SWAT yuh! I promise!" (as you can see).

Where the previous two photos in this session used a special effects "soft focus" lens, this one was taken without any effects lenses at all. For the other two photos (here not seen), a teaser was used to get Raisen to "pose."

Why the strange name for a cat? Well, her mother's name was `Muffin.' Muffin had two kittens, which I had named `Raisen' and `Bran,' since they were both really variations of a theme -- the `Muffin' theme, that is. So, you have a plain muffin, a raisen muffin, and a bran muffin. Get it?

...a plain muffin, a raisen muffin, and a bran muf... Doh!...forget it.

It was also because, when she was born, she had this mottled hairless appearance, combined with her newborn wrinkled skin, that sort of reminded me of a raisen.



Scanned for me by Steve King/KC6WCH.

Raisen near a tree further to the back in our backyard, looking back at camera over her right shoulder. Mamiya MSX-1000 35mm SLR. Kodak Royal Gold 1000 color print film. 1/15-sec., f/8, 200mm lens. Distance 25 feet. Overcast sky. Used cable release and a tripod. Taken Jan. 14, 1997 at 5:26pm EST.



Raisen relaxes in the shade of a bush in the front yard.



Can you find the kitty in this picture?



Raisen likes to climb trees. (All cats like to climb and jump. If you have a cat on a runner, always make sure that the highest your cat is allowed to jump or climb - by leash length - doesn't reach the lowest level of branches on any of the trees within thier range.)



`Aw, man! Do I have to come in now?!'



Raisen often likes to hide atop the bookshelf, whilst you hunt for her for hours wondering where the heck she is.

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