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    Last revised Mar 12, 2018

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    A Parable about The Democrats and Republicans

    Every time I see a "Democrats vs. Republicans" discussion,I'm reminded of the parable of the two fiercely competitive small town hardware stores,whose owners squabbled and fought and pretty much obviously hated each others' guts,and clearly deeply resented having to put up with the "idiot in the store next door". Well,first one,then the other of the two feisty old codgers passed on,and to their amazement the townspeople found out that the two were in fact business partners; their stores even had a common warehouse in back,and only ONE set of books! :

    I think the Dems and Reps need to just go ahead and merge and call themselves the Janus party, with the Greek god as their symbol, one face a donkey and the other an elephant.

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