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    Last revised Jan 04, 2021

    Uh oh,no pithy song lyric comes to mind

    Shutterbug in The Digital Age

    I've always been a compulsive photographer,and a not very good one; this combination has been deemed by sufficiently authoritative authority to give one pause (well, give me pause at any rate, 'cause after all I did marry her) everything from merely unfortunate to criminally wasteful of the world's dwindling supply of silver halides. In the benighted past of 35mm rolls from Kodak and gruesomely expensive processing at Harmons,she had a valid point. I just wasn't that good a photographer to warrant taking and keeping all those pictures.

    Then came the Dawn of A New Era,the Age of Digital. And I looked (and she looked),and we both saw that It Was Good™. So,after some years' experience with the ups and downs of a Canon G2 (currently stuck in a box in the hall closet),we both got ourselves new cameras for Christmas. Sue got herself a Sony DSC-W100. I got a Nikon D50.

    As I mentioned in several past LJ entries,I've sold off most of my 35mm film gear,keeping only a couple of valuable/sentimental pieces. I'm mostly finished assembling my long-term digital camera/lens arsenal; the lenses will also work on the two film bodies I kept.

    Ok,here's what I have at present for shooting digital:

    • Nikon D50 body
    • Nikon 28-80 AF-D
    • Nikon 70-210 AF
    • Nikon SB-400 flash

    I'd like to acquire a couple more lenses down the line:

    • Nikon 50mm f1.8 or f1.4 AF
    • Nikon macro lens of some flavor,for my flowers and bugs fixation

    I worked a trade-in and credit deal with Adorama,the first rate online shop that bought my 35mm gear. I thought I had a potential buyer for my old N70 and its 35-85 zoom but that fell through; it's still more or less up for grabs. First hundred bucks plus shipping takes it. Proceeds therefrom will cover possible purchase of the 50 AF.

    The D50 originally had a 28-80 AF-G,but I dropped it and one of the zoom cams broke. I'd been planning on replacing it anyhow,as the aperture-ring-less G lenses don't play nicely with the old manual focus cameras.

    [edit - The 50mm AF would be darned handy to have for generic low-light situations - even at ISO 1600 there might be times where it'd be nice to be able to shoot in near-darkness; this would be a semi-distant future buy. And as far as that goes,if I could live with shooting meterless manual,I could mount my 50mm F1.4 AI-s on the D50.]

    As for the flash,I needed to get a new one because Nikon changed the control electronics and flash-metering scheme around on their new-generation digital bodies. The SB-400 is the smallest/lightest/least expensive in their new i-TTL flash lineup. My old Promaster I'll keep around for use with the old faithful F2AS.

    I've kept some old 35mm gear; it sits in the closet waiting for the day the film itch needs scratching again:

    • Nikon F body (meterless prism) w/50mm f2
    • Nikon F2AS body w/50mm f1.4
    • Promaster 5600 flash w/Nikon control base

    That reminds me,I keep forgetting to collect the Zeiss Ikoflex medium format TLR gear from Mom's office closet. Gotta remember that next time I go north.