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    Last revised Jan 04, 2021

    Welcome my son,welcome to The Machine
    Where have you been?
    It's all right we know where you've been
    You've been in the pipeline,filling in time


    Things are still kind of unsettled here in the Linkfest; expect that those festive "a href" thingies will start sprouting up any day now!

    Look! Hyperlinks! To someplace useful!

    UserFriendly and related

    UserFriendly,the epitome of geek humor and axis about which most of the rest of this rotates
    The Friendly Forum,a lovely collection of just plain folks
    The Spiffy New Friendly Forum Members' Page and Directory,the just plain folks alluded to above


    Scott Farquhar - Composer,musician,screwball comic actor,authority on Monty Python's Train Schedules sketch
    Phil Powell (c'mon Phil, where's your URL?) - making the world safe for Gospel metalheads (I kid you not!) - also the guy who introduced me to my wife,via the fine old BITnet relay environment
    Allen Rout - UF (as opposed to UF) unix geek,He Who Wears Many Hats
    Roger Russell - chronicler of the history of McIntosh Laboratory,Inc.
    Ed Thierbach - another of the old BITnet relay bunch,and a former Amiga affecionado
    Steve Ulmer - UF (as opposed to UF) data center head unix geek,champion swing dancer,and my wife's boss

    Cool stuff that illustrates the joyful weirdness of homo sapiens

    PulseJet powered Go-karts,anyone? - this guy's got way too much spare time
    The Flummery Digest - Documenting all that is absurd in politics and society


    Living Faith Fellowship - the church of which we are a part