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    Last revised Jan 04, 2021

    A long time ago
    in a galaxy far far away...

    Attack of The Candy

    WARNING: Embedded 800K or so WAV file. I don't normally do things like this but it was appropriate. You have been warned.

    It was a time of great conflict. The Old Repuplic with its values of peace,commerce,culture and chocolate,was disintegrating. The evil machinations of the Sith have pitted milk against semisweet,leaving only the bitter. Factions form; old conflicts erupt into fresh violence. The conflagration threatens to consume the entire settled galaxy.

    Into the chaos step the Forces of Order,skillfully and stealthily built up over the years by the Sith. No one is prepared to offer resistance as the fleet moves from system to system,landing troops,deposing governments and installing servants of The New Order.

    Senate Chancellor Peepatine declares the Repubic dead and the Marshmallow Empire born. Peepatine sends forth his legions to assert his absolute control over the galaxy. Here we see endless streams of fearsome Imperial Peeptroopers under the command of the dreaded Darth Pez board shuttles to join their cohorts aboard the troopships,ready to grind yet another freedom- and chocolate-loving world under the puffy yellow jackboots of Empire.

    <BGSOUND src="imperial.march.wav">