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    Last revised Jan 04, 2021

    Invisible airwaves crackle with life
    Bright antennas bristle with the energy

    Amateur Radio

    I currently hold amateur radio callsign WA4UF. I'm active most days on the Gainesville Amateur Radio Society 146.82 and 146.985,and Gator Amateur Radio Club 146.91 repeaters. I also pop onto 50.125 and call CQ regularly; I check 144.200 less frequently. On HF,my primary bands are 17 meters and 40 meters. I try to check in at least a few times a week in the SouthCARS net on 7.251. Occasionally I'll also hit the ECARS and MidCARS nets.

    My main areas of interst right now are antenna construction,ragchewing,and casual (some might even say sloppy!) VHF contesting. I've also dabbled a time or two with backpack portable operation,lugging an FT-100 and a couple SLA batteries up Black Balsam Mountain on the Art Leob Trail in North Carolina. Gotta try that again with something like a homebrew W3FF Buddipole antenna for HF. That should be great fun. Several folks have also talked up various digital modes,and I'm getting closer to banging together an interface for the PC and seeing what I can do.

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