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    Last revised Mar 12, 2018

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    Hamster Dance

    For some reason someone mentioned that stupid old Hamster dance, which somehow or other got crosslinked in my soggy grey matter with Men Without Hats' "Safety Dance". And here, regretably, is the result. You have been warned.

    H (h h h)
    A (a a a)
    M (m m m)
    S (s s s)
    T (t t t)
    R (r r r)
    Hamster (hamster hamster hamster)
    Dance! (dance dance dance)
    We can dance with our hamsters
    We wear high heels or flats
    'Cause our hamsters dance
    And if they don't dance
    Well we'll feed them to our cats!
    We can dance with our hamsters
    We can twirl our rodents 'round
    We can act like a fool
    And skip out of school
    We can scream but not make a sound
    Hamster dance
    Hamster dance
    Everybody's out on the floor
    Hamster dance
    Hamster dance
    The conga line's out of the door
    Hamster dance
    Hamster dance
    Rodents are making the scene
    Hamster dance
    Hamster dance
    Everyone thinks they are keeeeeen
    It's a hamster dance
    It's a hamster dance
    It's a hamster dance...
    © 2007 by Bruce H. McIntosh, but if you really want to get inebriated and sing it at a convention or somesuch, I'm hardly in a position to stop you.

    Previously posted to my livejournal.

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