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  • Bruce H. McIntosh
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    Last revised Mar 12, 2018

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    Writings of various natures on various topics

    Haiku - On or About Love, Passion, Roamance, and Such

    I could not depict
    With such crude things as mere words
    My hunger for you
    In scarlet sunsets
    And the soft pink sweep of your skin
    I see such beauty
    All that consumes me
    Falls to the ground in tatters
    When you smile at me
    The intensity
    of my need for you burns bright
    In candlelit dark
    No other life will do
    The mere thought of you absent?
    Another night falls
    And in a darkened bedroom
    Flames of passion flare
    Moonlight becomes you
    Ghosting over the concert
    Of black lace, pale skin
    Wherever I go
    I can close my eyes and feel
    Your passionate touch
    A breeze on the shore
    Stirs spray into the warm air
    As your lips meet mine
    The candles are lit
    Romantic tunes play softly
    Lets get busy...
    When the blinds are shut
    The neighbors have no concept
    How much fun we have!
    "Married sex is boring!"
    If only those who say that
    Knew how wrong they are!

    First appeared in a variety of Facebook,LiveJournal,and other online spaces.

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