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  • Bruce H. McIntosh
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    Last revised Mar 12, 2018

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    Writings of various natures on various topics

    Haiku - Computers, Networking, Technology, Etc.

    The blue screen of death
    Indicates that Windows is
    Up to its old tricks
    Embrace the penguin
    Be free from Redmond's foul grip
    Bill Gates is Landru!
    A forlorn CD...
    "Windows NT Workstation"
    Decorates my wall
    The inodes have fled
    Into the murky chaos.
    The drive heads have crashed.
    In a windows world
    it is cause for Thanksgiving
    when the box stays up.
    Wireless access points
    dot the cities' trendy spots
    wherein geeks gather.
    A new access point!
    Fate steps in like a bully
    It falls to the floor
    The router is dead;
    no packets will forward now.
    The script kiddie sneers.
    The etherchannel
    combines the ports into one;
    Bigger pipes for SPAM!
    IP space runs out
    One hundred twenty eight bits
    Will move us forward
    Make all; code compiles.
    Software is brought into form
    Segmentation fault.
    Traffic increases
    A half million prefixes
    BGP flaps ensue.
    High technology
    Brings the curse of outlets filled...
    Too many wall warts!

    First appeared in a variety of Facebook,LiveJournal,and other online spaces.

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