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    Last revised Apr 15, 2014

    Your dreams and all your visions won't feed a hungry child
    And all your failed philosophies have left your mind defiled
    You declare as myth and legend what stands before your eyes
    The faith is sure but you prefer the lies...

    Welcome to The War

    February 10,2014

    Tweaked and updated the Guitar Gallery page.

    September 11,2013

    My recollection of 9-11-2011

    September 4,2013

    September 3,2013

    It really hit me after meeting Amanda at the Copper Monkey for lunch yesteray (in the middle of a torrential downpour) but Amanda's well and truly more or less out on her own now; she's moved in with some friends who live a lot closer to the UF campus. And with Laura dual-enrolling at Santa Fe,I can now lay claim to both my girls being in college. That kinda hurts my head.

    In other news,I spent Labor Day laboring on my poor neglected car. Now she's sporting new rotors and pads up front,and new urethane sway bar bushings. Sometime in the next couple of weeks I figure on tearing into the rear brakes,which being drums will likely take until the heat death of the universe to finish. I also have a new,larger sway bar for the rear,part of my attempt to tame the understeer and body roll so's I can go careening around onramps without even thinking about the brake pedal. Whee!

    The front bathroom wreck-and-renovate project continues apace,sorta. I did get the drywall the other night (thanks, Laura, for helping me load it onto and unload it off of the roof of the car). On the advice of a youtube video,I've picked up an air chisel from Cheap Chinese Tool company to finish stripping the old thin-set off the concrete floor. Quotes are pending from the tile guy for tub alocve and the floor.

    Ah,the crisp clean smell of achievement! Oh,sorry,that was just the cinnamon rolls burning.