Florida Adventures

1990 to 2000 Adventures



Snorkeling with the manatees at Crystal River, Florida (1999)

Kayaking the Peace River, Florida (1999)

Paragliding Ft White, Florida (1999)

West Palm Beach, FL Scuba Diving (1999)

Kayaking the Silver River & Springs, Florida (1999)

Scuba Diving Key Largo, Florida (1999)

Scuba Diving Manatee Springs, Florida (1999)

Kayaking the Upper Santa Fe River, Florida (1999)

Horseback Riding Watermelon Pond, Florida (1999)

Learning Scuba at Rainbow River & Devil's Den, Florida (1999)

Kayaking at Fort DeSoto Park, Florida (1999)

Valentine's Weekend at Mount Dora, Florida (1999)

Santos (Barge Canal) Trails, Florida (1998)

Oklawaha River and Rodman Dam, Florida (1998)

Cady Way Trail and West Orange Rail Trail, Florida (1996)

Wacissa River, Florida (1995)

Lutz, Florida Nude 5K Race (1995)

Skydiving in Williston, Florida (1995)

Everglades (1994)

J. Van Fleet & Withlacoochee Rail Trails, Florida (1994)

Rainbow River, Florida (1994)

Upper Manatee River, Florida (1994)

Tampa (1994)

Florida Keys (1993)

Mount Dora, Florida (1993)

Seaside, Florida (1993)

Big Dismal Sink and Leon Sinks, Florida (1993)

Torreya State Park, Florida (1993)

Pinellas Rail-Trail, Florida (1993)

Suwannee River, Florida (upper) (1993)

Withlacoochee River, Florida (south) (1992)

Withlacoochee River, Florida (north) (1992)

Horsefarm 100, Florida (1991)

St Marks Rail-Trail, Florida (1990)

O'Leno State Park, Florida (1990)

Santa Fe River, Florida (1990)


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