Horsefarm 100, Florida (1991...)

I ride in my first "Horsefarm 100" bike ride in October of 1991. The ride starts at 8 am, and I usually finish at about 5 pm. It is a full day of physical activity. Absurdly ambitious. But the event is enormous. Hundreds of bicyclists from throughout north central Florida come to Gainesville to ride the rural roads passing through horse farm country in Marion County. The area is very scenic. The number of huge, rambling, and luxurious estates down there is astounding.

The Horsefarm ride is well-marked and very well supported with sag wagons and plenty of snack and water stops along the way.

The ride has gotten easier in recent years due to my acquisition of a Trek 1200 aluminum-framed bicycle with clipless pedals and a bike computer. I'm sure the ride would be substantially easier if I trained in advance by doing longer-distance rides. Instead, I always rely on the fitness I achieve due to my short bicycle commute ride each day on my way to work, and my weekly fitness center work-outs. I expect that as I reach my 40s, this will be increasingly infeasible.

One year, I have 4 flat tires before acquiring the Trek. Extremely aggravating, and something I attribute to a lack of free time (Without free time, I've been neglecting things like bike maintenance. The numerous flats were due to a very bald, worn-out tire that should have been replaced months ago.). Nevertheless, the ride that day is pleasant.

After a quick meal that year, I work out at the fitness center. The key motivator for going there after the ride was the whirlpool...



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