Lutz, Florida Nude 5K Race (May 1995)

What is it like to run a 5-kilometer race at a nudist resort in Florida? Very interesting, indeed! When we first arrived at Lake Como, I am fretting over what the protocol would be in the park office: Will the office manager be nude, and if so, should I be nude when I walk into the office to register for our cabin? As it turns out, the woman is clothed. After registering, we then find our cabin; seeing a few other clothed people along the way (it is early evening at the time—just starting to get dark). After putting our things in the cabin, we decide: "Hey, this is a nudist resort! Let's go for a walk in the nude to check out what's happening on a Saturday night in a nudist place!" So we hesitantly emerge from our cabin nude, and stroll, as casually as possible, over to the dance hall. Much to our surprise, everyone there is clothed. Now we were beginning to wonder: Was this some sort of trick or mistake or something? Is Alan Funt about to jump out from behind a tree to tell us we are on Candid Camera? We convince ourselves everything is O.K., however, and somewhat confidently walk over to the pool, which has a sign stating that only nude people are allowed into the pool area.

Sure enough, everyone in the pool area is nude, so my friend and I jump in for a swim. It is my first nude swim in a semi-public pool. Then, we depart to the bar for a drink. It is my first bar experience in the nude. I nearly get up to sing karyoke nude, but chicken out—vowing to do it next year. Next, we partake in nude dancing, which, again, is the first time I had ever danced nude with others. Lot's of firsts at Lake Como…

The next morning, we put on our running shoes and head for the start of the race (sure is quick and easy to dress at a nudist resort!). It is interesting to notice that only about 20 percent of the runners are nude (the race is open to non-members), and only a tiny percentage are women. Because us nude runners are in the minority, it is a bit uncomfortable, although the clothed runners seem more uncomfortable. I am flattered when I occasionally notice a woman ogling me.

The race itself is rather fun. We run through an orange grove on a very hot and humid morning. At the end of the race, several of us are interviewed and photographed by major newspaper reporters and correspondents from a few nudist magazines (look for me in back issues of your nudist magazines!). One nuisance I notice about oozing perspiration after a nude race: It is impossible to keep sweat from running into your eyes (the stinging is very painful and obscures your vision). Next time, I'll need to wear sweat bands or something similar. Never realized how important towels or shirt sleeves can be after an athletic event!

To finish our stay there, we (in the nude) watch a live band while drinking some beer, go for a nude bicycle ride (another first!), went swimming again, and lounge in the whirlpool.

Will I go back again some day? Probably.

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