Here are a few articles and transcripts about Andy, by Andy, for Andy, so help me God.

newLife as a Late-night Sidekick; State Journal Register - An article that sheds some light on the mysterious background of Mr. Richter. As it turns out, he is nigh invulnerable, even to yellow kryptonite.

newThe Sidekick; The Boston Phoenix - An oldish article, talks about how Andy deals/dealt with early criticism. PS - Don't call him cherubic...

Politics Not Spoken Here; George - Andy talks about politics and shows that he ain't just some dumb ol' sidekick, but a smart ol' sidekick with one of those there voe-cab-bu-lar-ries.

TV's 40 Most Fascinating People; People - Andy's a big showbiz playah now. He joins Conan as one of TV's 40 coolest people. Not that that means anything at all. But it's still fun to read.

Once Upon a Time in Chinatown; Raygun - Andy and one o my fav bands (no, not just because Andy talked to them), Pavement, interview each other. This is probably my favorite Andy and Pavement article.

Sidekick Talks of Road to Late Night; The Alligator - The article on Andy after he came to UF to do one of his speeches.

Home of the Whopper; Chicago Tribune - A naive reporter ventures into the house of the Richter and mysteriously disappears, only to be found by horribly mutilated days later in a dumpster. Orrrrr, this person comes out alive, with a better understanding of Andy and wife's furniture and knick-knacks. YOU decide.

The Richter Scale; Tv Guide - This article gives a little background on the man who is Richter. Fairly introductory stuff, not much of the juicy material that stalkers like you and I like to devour.

Chat Transcripts

Chat? You want Andy chat transcripts? Well, you can get them anyway.