Home Of The Whopper 

Richter's Home is a Lot of Fun. He says: you can just drop into it and relax. When we were picking a couch, my one stipulation was, 'Is it good for napping?' 
Welcome to the home and comic world of Andy Richter and Sarah Thyre. 
To those familiar with the lay of late-night TV, Richter, 29, is Conan O'Brien's couchman on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Thyre, 28, is a comedian in her own right and Richter's partner in something they find even funnier than late-night TV -- marriage. They met five years ago in Los Angeles, doing The Real Live Brady Bunch. He played Mike Brady. She played every female role except Marcia Brady. 

Now, they live and laugh in a New York apartment full of kitschy decorations, good-for-napping furniture and Christmas lights that hang from the rafters year-round. The apartment, built in a former department store, has ceilings 25 feet high. 
'I like furniture that makes m feel tiny,' says Richter, leading a tour past the 'big ol' comfy couch,' an oversized easy chair with equally 'ridiculous proportions' and back to the Formica dining table, where small bowls -- but many of them -- lie in waiting. 
Cheetos, nachos, salsa. Cigarettes. A smattering of candles to neutralize the smoke. The diet is out the window. 

'We're homebodies,' pronounces Richter, who looks a lot younger in person, dressed in khakis and stretched out gym socks, than he does on TV in suits.  'Especially now in this place,' he continues. 'If we had another room, we would stay here forever.' 
Equal parts silly and provocative is their brand of humor -- and it's all over the apartment. It's a fun house, all right, but the result is surprisingly tasteful. For instance, their dining set is a chrome-and-Formica relic from the 1950s that they spiffed up with new, Naugahyde glitter seats for the chairs. Each chair is in a different color -- glitter gold, glitter green, glitter red, glitter blue. 
'You've probably figured it out: we're not very serious people,' says Richter. 'We like these fun little things.' 

   Photo caption: At home, Andy Richter and his wife, Sarah Thyre, like a colorful, tasteful apartment. 

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