So you want to know about Andy, huh? The following info is what I can remember from when Andy came here to UF to talk. Andy was born in Grand Rapids, Mi. In high school he was active in sports and was the prom king. He went to college at the University of Illinois in Champagne, Urbana and Columbia College and studied journalism for a couple years, switching to film later.

He played in several improv groups in Chicago, and participated in the Real Live Brady Bunch as Mike Brady. After he grew tired of playing Mr Brady, he left the New York production of the Brady Bunch for LA. His first TV appearance was in Hard Copy where he played a victim of John Wayne Gacy. On camera, the clip Hard Copy showed was Andy being approached by Gacy in front of a car, then being "overpowered" in Gacy's home.

In LA he did odd jobs for while and left, only to get called back to act in Cabin Boy. A bit after Cabin Boy, a friend told Andy about Conan and his upcoming show. Andy went to New York and hit it off with Conan, and was hired as a writer. Someone then came up with the idea that Andy should be on camera with Conan, as a sidekick if you will. From there, he weathered criticism as the show teetered on the brink of cancellation. The teenage son of the president of NBC told Andy, "I told my dad, 'if you cancel the show, me and my brother will never speak to you again!'" The show saved by a kid? Who knows.

Now Andy lives in New York with his wife, who he met in the LA production of the Brady Bunch. His favorite bits are new stamps (watch for the porn star series!) and celebrity songs.