I've decided to leave it up for a while, but I've made a brand spankin' new web site dedicated to Andy Richter, see if you "get it." Visit the new site at

Welcome to Andy Richter's Firearms Emporium and Mercantile, where you can get all your Andy needs at the lowest prices. It is here that you will find blastin' Andy info, explosive images, booming sound files, killer Andy articles, and much, much more! Or something.

The title for this site is inspired by a website entitled: Wyatt Earp's Firearms Emporium and Mercantile. The difference, however, is that Wyatt Earp's site actually sells firearms, and this is an Andy Richter fan page.

I am a college student who has been watching Late Night since it started back in 1993. Yes, even when people said it sucked. Please enjoy this website dedicated to the best seat-warmer in showbiz.

What's new : August 12, 1999
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