"Outriders" to show Oct. 24
October 1999

Between Oct. 1 and November 1 the Kensington Welfare Rights Union will be on the March from Washington DC to the UN in New York City. Their "March for the Americas" will culminate with a session at the UN to present their claims of systemic human rights violations in the United States due to poverty, lack of medical care and lack of educational opportunities. The Philadelphia-based organization has created a visibility and national voice through their vision and hard work.

"Outriders," a documentary of their fact-finding bus tour, which recorded denials of human rights across America, will be shown at the Hippodrome Cinema on Monday, Oct. 24. The one show will start at 7:30 p.m.

Following "Outriders" there will be a showing of "Incident at Oglala," a Robert Redford-produced documentary on the Pine Ridge shooting for which Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier is still locked up.

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