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Acrosstown Repertory Theatre
Grassroots, cross-cultural theater at 619 S. Main St. (Baird Ctr). Info: 375-1321.

Alachua County Coalition for the Homeless and Hungry
Meets 3rd Wednesdays, Holy Trinity Episcopal, 9 am; 955-6559.

Alachua County Green Party
Monthly meetings are on 2nd Tuesdays, 6pm at the CMC. A local group meets in Alachua and we encourage Greens to form local groups in other Alachua County communities and on campus. For more information call 352-871-1991. See http://gp.org for national Green Party info.

Alachua County Labor Party
Just Health Care committee works on universal health care; P.O. Box 12051, Gainesville, FL 32602; 375-2832.
www.thelaborparty.org or www.justhealthcare.org

Alachua County NAACP
Meets 4th Thursdays, 1105 NW 5th Ave. Info: Michael Bowie, 392-9196, ext. 21.

All-African People's Revolutionary Party
Pan-African socialist party working for African liberation worldwide. 352-514-7364. email:

American Civil Liberties Union
ACLU defends Bill of Rights; board meetings open to public, 3rd Wednesdays, 7 pm, SFCC Downtown boardroom. Info: 378-6763; PO Box 1534, Gainesville 32602.

Amnesty International
Gainesville chapter of worldwide human rights movement; UFAmnesty@hotmail.com.

Animal Activists of Alachua
Raising awareness of animal exploitation - semi-monthly meetings; 335-4659.

Asian Student Union
Umbrella organization including Chinese, Filipino, Korean & Vietnamese student groups; contact 392-1665 x 325.

Black Student Union
Organization of African-American students at UF: 392-1665, ext 321.

Books for Prisoners
Meets Mondays, 7 pm, at Books, Inc; PO Box 12164, Gainesville 32602; (352) 870-4006; packs books Fridays, 6-9 pm, The Ark Warehouse (behind Kangaroo @ Waldo Rd. & E. University Ave.).

Bridges Across Borders
Fla-based international collaboration of activists, artists, students & educators supporting cultural diversity & global peace: bridgesacrossborders@juno.com.

Campus Am. Civil Liberties Union
Defends personal freedoms & civil rights. Info: caclu@grove.ufl.edu.

Campus Counterpoise
Collective-based club dedicated to alternative media & perspectives; info: elisabetheubanks@yahoo.com.

Central Labor Council of North Central Florida
Representing the working people of affiliated unions in 13 No. Central. Fla counties. Info: 352-372-6888.

Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome Support Network
Call 52-281-8244.

Community Coalition for Older Adults
Area citizens helping solve problems for Alachua County's population of older adults. Info: 264-6700.

Civic Media Center
Reading room & library of the non-corporate press, 1021 W. Univ. Ave; 2–8 pm, Mon–Th., 2-6 Fri & Sat. Info: 373-0010.

Code Pink: Women for Peace
Women-led grassroots peace & social justice movement utilizing creative protest, non-violent direct action, and community involvement; jacque@codepinkalert.org.

Communist Party USA, North Fla Section
Marxist-Leninist party of the working class founded 1919; info: jaxcpusa@hotmail.com.

Community Coalition Against War & Terrorism
Gainesville's umbrella peace group. Meets 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 7 pm, at Fellowship Hall, 1320 W. University Ave - info: 378-1690.

Conservation Trust for Florida, Inc.
A non-profit land trust working to protect Florida's rural landscapes, wildlife corridors, and natural areas. P.O. Box 134, Micanopy, FL 32667, 352-466-1178.

CopyNight Gainesville Monthly social meetup for people interested in copyright reform. All ages. Artists, lawyers, technologists especially welcome.

Critical Resistance
Working on issues of prisons & prisoner rights.

Cultural Arts Coalition
Promoting educational and cultural activities in Gainesville's African-American community for over 15 years. Contact Nkwanda Jah, 372-0216.

Democracy for America
Howard Dean-inspired PAC for progressive politics, networking. Info: 371-7886; gvillegrassroots@bellsouth.net.

Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice
Statewide organization; PO Box 336, Graham, FL 32042; fcpj.org; 352-468-3295.

Florida Defenders of the Environment
Restore the Ocklawaha and preserve Florida's other natural resources; 378-8465.

Fla School of Traditional Midwifery
Clearinghouse for information, activities & educational programs. Info: 338-0766.

Food Not Bombs
Direct action group to redistribute food to hungry; cooking 10 am Saturdays at Presby. Student Ctr; 336-0859, anndee@ufl.edu.

Active group for gays, lesbians & friends; meet for run/walk Sundays & Wednesdays (call for time), Thomas Center. Info: 336-0456.

Gainesville Area AIDS Project
Dedicated to funding social events for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS; events, drop-in center: 373-4227.

Gainesville Citizens for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
Meets 1st Tuesday of month at St. Augustine's Hurley House, 6 pm; execution vigil info: 376-1077; general info: 378-1690, PO Box 13024, Gainesville 32604.

Gainesville Community Alliance
Socially oriented group for gays, lesbians, bis & friends. Info: 373-3557.

Gainesville-Cuba Friendship Network
Local group opposing embargo & promoting normalized relations with Cuba; possible Sister City ties being explored; info: 386-418-3791.

Gainesville Women's Liberation
Founded 1968. Further information & Redstockings Women's Liberation Project Archives for Action Catalog available from: Archives Distribution Project, P.O. Box 2625, G'ville, 32602.

Gator Freethought (at UF)

Gator Gay-Straight Alliance
Anti-discrimination organization.

Inform youth on problems affecting blacks & minorities, and develop intelligent & militant youth leadership; naacp@grove.ufl.edu.

Gay Switchboard
Referral line - Mon/Wed/Fri, 3–7 pm, Saturday 12–4 pm. Info: 377-8915.

GI Rights Hotline
Advising military personnel & recruits on service-related issues: 1-800-394-9544.

Graduate Assistants United
Represents all UF grad assistants. Fighting for improved working conditions, community involvement, and academic freedom. 238 Norman Hall, 392-0274.

Greening UF
Advocating campus sustainability through waste reduction & recycling; 273-1174.

Gainesville Unitarian Universalist Religious Union of Students meets Tuesdays, 7:30, at Friends Meeting House, 1921 NW 2nd Ave; ellbyrne@ufl.edu.

Habitat for Humanity
Building low-income homes in Alachua County; Sat. work days. Info: 378-4663.

Hemlock Society
Local chapter of right-to-die organization; info: 373-9732.

Human Rights Council of N.C. Fla
Not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to fighting bigotry & anti-gay propaganda. Info: 372-5192.

Humanist Society of Gainesville
Monthly discussion group on variety of topics. Info: 373-5377.

Gay/les/bi & allies educational & support group, based at Unitarian Fellowship. Info: 377-1669.

Killer Quills
Mystery writers' networking group at Books Inc, 2nd Thurs, 6:30–8:30 pm; 375-7342.

Mahogany Revue
Regional black newspaper: 371-0401.

"Mama Raga"
Lesbian identified newsletter at PO Box 141674, G'ville, FL 32614.

Matagalpa Sister City Project
Info: Robin, 352-372-1095.

Mind Over Matter
Economic development, community organiz-ing & revitalization; 392-1655, ext 292.

Nakba 48
Advocacy group for Palestinian people: nakba48@grove.ufl.edu.

National Lawyers Guild-Gainesville
Lawyers, law students and legal workers fighting for social justice. P.O. Box 2063, Gainesville, FL 32602, nlggainesville@hotmail.com

National Organization for Women
Campus NOW: Fighting male supremacy at its root in a public, political way. 846-9617; email campus_now@hotmail.com.
Gainesville Area NOW: for meeting info, contact Lori at 377-2301. Judy Levy NOW: for meeting info, contact Emily Browne at 376-7479.

Pax Christi
Local chapter of national Catholic peace & justice movement; meets 2nd & 4th Wednesdays at St. A's Church; 377-9640.

Parents, Family & Friends of Lesbians & Gays, serves Gainesville & Ocala areas: 376-9404.

Pride Community Center of North Central Florida
Drop-in center at 1107 NW 6th St, Suite C; Mon/Wed/Fri 3–7 pm, Saturday 12–4 pm - resources for gay/lesbian community.

Progressives of Alachua County
Group devoted to advancement of progressive programs & candidates, open without regard to political affiliation; meets last Wed. night of each month. Info: POB 861, Gvl 32602.

Public Access Television of N. Central Florida
Working to increase awareness and take action regarding Public Access Television. Info: Raquel at rqgarcia@ufl.edu or Mike at mamish@ufl.edu or call 338-0803.

Rural Women's Health Project
Local health education organization developing materials for migrant & rural women on health, AIDS & empowerment. Info: Robin Lewy, 372-1095.

Save Our Parks
working to protect local parks from being sold or swapped for commercial development. Info: Rob Brinkman at RobBrinkman@cox.net or Lauren McDonell at lwmcdonell@hotmail.com

Sierra Club
Meets first Thursdays, 7:30 pm at UF Entomology & Nematology Building, Room 1035. Info: 371-1991.

Solar City
Meets Thursdays at noon at Books, Inc. to discuss alternative energy.

Student FarmWorker Alliance (of UF)
Works in solidarity with farmworkers and their organizations for economic justice & workers' rights. Meet: St. Aug. Church, 1738 W. Univ Ave., Thurs., 7:00 pm; contact: Monica- 336-1950, sfw_alliance@hotmail.com.

Students Organizing for Justice & Action
Student led coalition at UF supporting goals & practice of affirmative action: listserv at mrk904e@ufl.edu

Students for Worker Rights
Affiliated with United Students Against Sweatshops; acampney@hotmail.com; swr@grove.ufl.edu.

Sustainable Alachua County
For more info, call: 378-6888.

Unión de Estudiantes Puertoriqueños Activos: a UF Puerto Rican student group; info: 846-0405.

UF Pride Student Union
A group of gay, lesbian, bi and straight students & non-students, faculty and staff. Info: 392-1665, ext. 310; 310 E JWRU, Gainesville FL 32611.

United Nations Association
Info: 378-1560.

United Way 211 for North Central Florida
Links people with questions to resources with answers, using community database: 2-1-1 or 332-4636.

Vegetarian Events
A non-profit educational organization in Alachua County. Info: 386-454-4341; chasmo@netcommander.com.

Veterans for Peace
Meet monthly. Info: 376-1005 or PO Box 142562, Gvl, FL 32614.

Volunteers for International Student Affairs (VISA)
Umbrella organization of international students & ethnic minorities at UF. Info: 392-1665, ext 322.

Vox: Voices for Planned Parenthood
Local chapter dedicated to educating the community about threats to reproductive & sexual rights and mobilizing them in support of reproductive freedom. Contact: voxpresident@gmail.com.

Women Adult Children of Alcoholics
Meet every Tues., 7 pm; info: 337-1114.

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