Justice for Women Now rally Oct. 9
October 1999

The University of Florida/Santa Fe Community College Campus National Organization for Women is hosting a Justice for Women NOW! rally SAturday, october 9 calling for the prosecution of crimes against women. The event will include the testimony of women who have reported crimes against them, but have been unable to get justice. The event is from noon to 2 p.m., at City Hall, the corner of University Ave. and NE 1st St.

Among scheduled speakers will be Lisa Gier King, the woman who was arrested for reporting that she was raped to the University Police Department, which led to a 7-month campaign by the National Organization for Women and the inspiration for this rally. If any women have experienced crimes against them, including sexual harassment, assault, rape, or stalking, and have tried to report it to either law enforcement or other authorities, you are welcome to offer testimony at this event. Call 472-4485 or 377-9935 for more information.

Left: National Organization for Women members picket a judicial dinner in protest of State Attorney Rod Smith's failure to prosecute the rape of Lisa Gier King. Smith instead prosecuted King.

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