What's New
August 12, 1999 - Andy's leaving the show, but this page will still be around. Keep watching..
June 25, 1999 - Well boys and girls, it's about that time. Time for an update. Work, school, laziness, lethargy, etc have resulted in lack of updates in this site, but I'm looking to redesign this entire site and make it the best site in the world! Ok, the best Andy site in the world! Ok...the best Andy site made by me in the world! Ok......maybe not the best anything anywhere, but it will look different. Stay tuned the next month or two....
February 12, 1999 - I've added a link to where you can get this audio tape of Andy doing a story. More info on the bottom of the stuff section.
January 22, 1999 - Updates, updates, puke! Well, I've updated most of this site, as phase one of updating all my sites. There are now new images, new sounds, and a video clip, and new articles
August 11, 1998 - Hmm, I guess I'll start updating this page again. It's been a while. The new stuff that I've done are add some new images, a new sound, and a bulletin board. Hopefully people will use the board to talk about stuff.. 
December 17, 1997 - Added a few sounds to the stuff page. Plan on adding some Cabin Boy images soon. 
September 18, 1997 - I corrected an error in the media section. The People and George article weren't showing up quite right. It's all good now. 
September 11, 1997 - I transcribed a short opinion on politics written by Andy from the August issue of George Magazine, and also added the little blurb from People magazine about him being top 40, or something cheesy like that. You can find that stuff in the media section I'm going to scan some various pictures when I can remember to. Maybe add a guestbook? 
July 28, 1997 - Today I put in some sounds Andy made for AOL, I had to sign up for a Geocitiesaccount just to get enough web space to put them here. Yech. I also added a couple chat transcripts, and I did a little tweaking here and there. 
June 3, 1997 - I put in a midi file of Thin Lizzy's The Boys are Back in Town on the main page. Remember that bit? da-da-da-da-da.....well, it doesn't really translate well to text. I haven't quite figured out how to make the midi files universal for all browsers, so it may be a little buggy. Tell me if it doesn't work for you. I'm going to be adding a guestbook here soon. 
June 1, 1997 - Finally I became unlazy and finished off the unfinished parts of this page. I uploaded and made the images page, made a stuff page, got rid of the bits page (because I figgered I don't have the time to make it the way I want to), and I added a link to the article from the school paper from when Andy came here to talk. I'm going to try and promote this thing now. I don't think anyone will come though because who cares about Andy Richter.
Just kidding. 
May 16, 1997 - It's a trick! I haven't actually done anything new lately, since I've been busy doing school junk, but I just wanted to write down what I plan to do with this site once I get off my arse and finish it. I'm going to redo the menu, get rid of a couple categories and add a couple. I scanned the article and pic from the school paper when Andy came here, so I'll put that up, and I scanned a generic autographed pic of Andy, I'll put that up too. And once everything is done I'll submit it to some search engines so everyone can waste time here. yayy! 
April 9, 1997 - Wowie, I changed this site all around. I don't feel like explaining it, but its all different. Real updates start now. I'm still not done yet, and I'm not even sure how many people will see this now, but all links should be completed soon. 
> April 8, 1997 - Andy came to talk to UF today, he was pretty funny. Anyway, he dissed me when I went up to him to get a handshake. All these people wanted his autograph, so I was all in line and stuff, then when I get to him he proclaims that he has to go, and wham, Eric is denied. ahh well. As for this site, I'm now turning it into an Andy HATE PAGE. No, actually, I'm redesigning it right now, I think that opening graphic/menu is pretty ugly. I'm going to make it a little smaller and prettier. Me like pretty. 
April 2, 1997 - Well, I tried to start making graphics for this site, but my stupid program keeps crashing. So I dunno what to do now. I'm also trying to find out a way to let people know where the name of this site came from. Andy Richter's Firearms Emporium and Mercantile. See, I knew I wanted the word "emporium" in the title somewhere cuz its a cool word, but "Andy's Emporium" seemed kind of bland. So I started looking for a picture of a gun for the Dust homepage, and in my search, I came across a page called Wyatt Earp's Firearms Emporium and Mercantile, and viola, the name is born. ok, so thats that. 
April 1, 1997 - Today I started putting up the media section of the page, just because that's the easiest. Hopefully I can make this page halfway decent, just like the man who it is dedicated to. Hoohoohaha.....ha...um, April fools? I dunno. I'm going to make some graphics for this site very soon.