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[ICON: Scanner Local (Gainesville/Alachua County & surrounding area) Scanning Info. This site mainly covers information of interest to scanner buffs who are either living in or who may be travelling through the Gainesville/Alachua County, Florida area. If you know of another Alachua County scanner-related site out there which is not listed here, please feel free to let me know, and I'll include it.

NOTE: Some Frequency and Code Changes have been added here. You may want to have another look at these. Much thanks go to Randy Kerr, of ACSO, for updating the ASO codes. -Todd, 12/20/1995

Errors/Corrections: PLEASE notify me of any errors or changes that need to be made to any information provided here.

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ICON: Police] ICON: Police] WARNING to local mobile scanner users: Local police DO ask for proof of your license (amateur radio, Press, alarm system contractor, or whatever else which by statute gives you the right to carry a scanner). If you are stopped, say, for a traffic ticket, and they notice a scanner or a radio that looks like a scanner in your vehicle, they likely WILL ask for your license. Therefore, you should always carry your FCC-issued Station/Operator License (hams), Press credentials, or other license with you at all times while mobile. Keeping a copy of the Florida law regarding mobile scanner use in your glove compartment would also be a good idea, just in case. Also, if you travel, you should know the laws in other states, as well. For more state laws regarding mobile scanner use, please see my other web page...

[Mobile Scanner & RADAR-Detector Laws In The United States]

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Local Frequencies:

  • Gainesville/Alachua Co. 800-900 MHz Digital Trunking Frequencies [12/29/2000]
    All city and county public service agencies have moved to new a 800 MHz ASTRO Digital SmartNet radio system owned, operated, and maintained by GRU. You'll need an 800 MHz trunking/digital-capable scanner to be able to hear them.
  • Current North Florida Amateur Radio Frequencies (February, 2000)
  • Local ARES/RACES Frequencies (June, 1996)
  • News Agency Frequencies (March, 2000)
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    Old Frequencies:

  • Fire Department Frequencies
  • Old ACFR/GFR Freqs (June, 1996)
  • Surrounding County Frequencies (1990)
  • Aircraft Frequencies (January, 2000)
  • Gainesville Police Dept. (GPD) (March, 1994)
  • Alachua County Sheriff's Office (ACSO) (December, 1999)
  • Alachua Co. (ACFR)/ Gainesville Fire-Rescue (GFR) Freqs (December, 1999)
  • Alachua Co. EMS Freqs (December, 1999)
  • Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) (1994)
  • Forestry Service Freqs (January, 2000)
  • Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) (January, 1996)
  • Miscellaneous Agency Frequencies (December, 2000)
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    Local Service Codes:

    All of the local public service agencies (police, fire, rescue) are supposed to be using a uniform 10-code and Signal-code system. That is, one code means the same thing among all of the various agencies, and there are supposed to be no "specialized" differences. This went into effect in March of 1996, by a City/County agreement. The move to digital trunking bands does not effect any changes to the codes, either.

    Universal Codes:
    (Used by all emergency service agencies county-wide.)

  • Ten-Codes
  • Dispatch Signals
  • Response Codes
  • Special Phrases
  • Military Phonetic Alphabet
  • Excerpt from the ASO SOP Manual - detailed interpretations of the above
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    Agency-specific Codes:

  • ACFR Cap Codes (ID Codes) (January, 2000)
  • ASO Disposition Codes
  • ASO CAD Unit Radio Designators
  • GPD Disposition Codes
  • GPD CAD Unit Radio Designators
  • GPD Clearance (Verification) Codes (old?)
  • UPD Disposition Codes (Are there any?)
  • UPD CAD Unit Radio Designators
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    Old Agency Codes:

    These are for reference; they are no longer _officially_ used. However, I note that some old die-hards in GPD still insist upon using them on occasion (like the old J-Codes), and so they are included here.

  • Old GPD Ten-Codes
  • Old GPD Dispatch Signals
  • Old GPD J-Codes
  • Old GPD CAD Unit Numbering System
  • Old CDC Ten-Codes (Cooperative Dispatch Center)
  • Old CDC Dispatch Signals (Cooperative Dispatch Center)
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    Local Terms, Abbreviations, Definitions Used (mixed local services)

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    Local Maps:

  • Alachua Co. EMS Zone Map [GIF] (Tnx to Jim Carr/KC4MHH)
  • Alachua Co. Sheriffs Office Zone Map [GIF] (Tnx to Jim Carr/KC4MHH)
  • Gator Stadium Ops Map [GIF] (Tnx to Jim Carr/KC4MHH)
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    Local Emergency Services or Related Web Pages:

  • Alachua Co. Office of Emergency Management (ACOEM)
  • Alachua Co. Fire/Rescue (ACFR)
  • Alachua Co. Fire & Rescue Reserves (June, 2000)
  • Alachua Co. Sheriffs Office (ACSO) (June, 2000)
  • Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) (January, 2000)
  • Gainesville Fire/Rescue (May 25, 2000)
  • Gainesville Police Department (GPD) (June, 2000)
  • University Police Department (UPD) (June, 2000)
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    Local Civilian-Related Web Pages:

  • Alachua Co. SKYWARN
  • Local Ham Radio-related Web Pages
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