This file depicts all changes, corrections, additions, etc. that have been made the North Central Fla. Area Scannist's Page.

07 JAN 03  Changed contact e-mail addresses.  Old ones were dead.  I forgot
           about that.  (Oops!)

           Updated Trunking subpage to reflect current status of things.
           Renamed to Trunking & Digital Communications.  Added links
           to outside sources on the new digital scanners Uniden is making

           Fixed broken link to Fla. scanner law.

           Uniden finally made their first-generation digital scanners
           available to the public beginning of the month.  People around
           the country have already bought some and are showering newsgroups
           with reports of their usage.  They're EXPENSIVE.  About $330 to
           $370 for either the handheld OR the base unit.  PLUS, both
           require the add-on Digital Accessory Card, which is another $300,
           itself.  Total cost nearly $700...just for the ability to hear
           digital communications.

           In preparation for the onslaught of questions that the new
           scanners will bring once people start purchasing them here, I've
           sent e-mails to GPD and ASO requesting information on their own
           channel assignments, talkgroup codes, etc., so that I can update
           these pages with the info for users.

12 NOV 01  Changed name of page, slightly, to better reflect current
           aims of page.  I don't need to cover the whole of Northern Fla.
           since there are plenty of pages out there now, and I'm not one for
           duping information on an already crowded web.  Also means less
           for me to have to keep up with.  So, the new name for this site
           now becomes the "North Central Florida Area Scannist's Page."

           I've decided I'm no longer going to mention anything on this page
           every time I add a new link in a links page.  From now on, I'll
           place the date the link was added to the end of the link, itself,
           on the links page.

           Still waiting on someone to come out with a digital capable
           scanner.  There are some problems with that, as well.  Even if
           they come out with digital capable scanners, how difficult will
           it be for people to get ahold of the keys?  And is Motorola, et
           al, going to be a stinker about it?  If so, there's no reason to
           update this page anymore, or to even bother with digital and/or
           trunking tutorials, since it won't matter, anymore.  Will have to
           wait and see how things go.

03 JUN 01  Page being pretty long, I broke up the various sections into
           separate subpages.

06 JAN 01  Finally to a point where I can at least function after my cat's
           death, updated this page.

05 NOV 00  Added statement under GPD/UPD frequency links, and to Local
           Scanning News page, stating GPD/UPDs apparent move to the
           new digital frequencies - comms in old freqs have largely

27 OCT 00  Gainesville Sun publishes article advising "police, fire
           monitoring off-limits to media."  A few people (including
           me) mistake this to mean local government is attempting
           to enforce a new, across-the-board, anti-monitoring law.
           This is not the actual case, but public service agencies are
           moving to new digital communications system and 800 MHz
           freqs.  This has the same EFFECT though, since no scanners
           yet exist which can track digital trunking comms.

18 OCT 00  Raisen (my cat) died out of the blue, behind me on the bed
           (always near me).  7 years old.  I'm very upset and not much
           interested in my own hobbies or in updating any web pages
           for a while.  She was my best friend.  This house is empty
           without her.  Everywhere I turn is a reminder of her.  Life
           seems to be passing her by and she's missing it.  This is
           not fair.  This wasn't supposed to happen to her yet.  All
           the things she was, all the things she knew, all the special
           things about her, all the things I taught her growing up
           that made her different from all the other cats, our special
           relationship, her unusually high intelligence...gone...just
           like that.  All the efforts I went through to protect her...
           I looked forward to her being there to come home to every
           day.  I still expect her greeting at the door, or the want
           for water at the sink, or to be sleeping beside me on the
           floor near the computer chair, or to be purring on my lap,
           or to jump on my bed and then upon my chest to sleep at
           night.  Where is she?  Then I see the urn. Then I see her
           toys still lying about here and there.

12 OCT 00  Added link to Scanner Frequencies in Central California.
           Added link to U.K. Scanner Frequencies.

23 AUG 00  Added link to AMC Wireless on Links/Resources page.

17 AUG 00  Updated link to East Central Fla. Scanner Page.

30 JUL 00  Added Suwannee Co. and surrounding area frequencies.

20 JUN 00  Updated links to ASO, GPD, and UPD to reflect new web pages.

04 JUN 00  Corrected typo in URL to Scanner Frequencies for the Fort
           Walton Beach Area site.

           Removed dead links to Pete Hedeen's Pensacola Area Scanner

21 MAY 00  Added link to North Jersey Railscan.

08 MAY 00  Added link to The Blair County Frequency Guide.

03 MAY 00  Added link to www.scannerpage.com.

01 MAR 00  Added new trunking-related sub-page in preparation for
           trunking switch which is supposed to happen ... sometime.

           Moved Scanner News to separate sub-page.

           Updated info about 2/26 brush fire near Buck Bay.

26 FEB 00  Added info to News about Buck Bay brushfire.

25 FEB 00  Updated freqs for Jacksonville area.  Thanks to Wm. S.
           Moore for the info.

22 FEB 00  Created new sub-page for ham radio-related links.

           Finally got smart and added lots "Back To INDEX" pointers to
           the main front page as a courtesy to help make navigation a
           little easier for users.

           Added section for space shuttle listening, and a link to Dave
           Ransom's webpage.

           Added a number of further Northern Fla. area web page links.

           Added info for Central Fla. Listerner's Group and
           FloridaScan mailing lists to mailing lists page.

           Removed links to Scanning-related Clubs and to
           Scanning-related Electronic BBSes by KC5KTO as the links
           seem to have disappeared.

           Added some freqs for Nassau County area thanks to William S.

16 FEB 00  Added TLH AE4S repeater to ham freqs list.

13 FEB 00  Added link to Top 50 Scanner Sites.
           Added link to Ultimate Scanner Sites.
           Added link to K4LYP Hobby Page.

12 FEB 00  Added link to Scanner Way!.

11 FEB 00  Added link to Scanning The Utilities.

28 JAN 00  Added Forestry Freqs page.

           Added photos of ShandsCair chopper, FHP planes and chopper
           to Aircraft Freqs page.  Also added map of Gainesville Regl.
           Airport to appear on mouseover of the GRA survey photo.

           Added link to Florida Highway Patrol on main page.

           Added link to Gainesville Police Dept. on main page.

           Added link to University Police Dept. on main page.

           Added link to PoliceScanner.com to Links page.

           Finally noticed (and fixed) broken link to my own scanner links

27 JAN 00  Added local section for aircraft frequencies.  Includes
           photos of planes and choppers, where possible.

25 JAN 00  Added link to New Jersey/NYC Freqs Page.

23 JAN 00  Added link to North American Monitoring Assn. page by
           Steven Lindquist.

16 JAN 00  Added link to East Central Fla. Scanner Page by John Gerstner.

27 AUG 99  Gave the site a graphics facelift.

           Corrected some minor formatting errors long left untouched.

           Corrected link to US Scanner News site to reflect the
           new URL.

16 MAY 99  GARS-related links changed to new URL.

07 DEC 98  Added link to WonderBoy's Home Page.

01 OCT 98  Added link to Scanning USA Magazine.

13 SEP 98  Added new information recieved regarding current GPD zones.
           Thanks to Michael Stewart!

           Added more Jacksonville area frequencies, courtesy Rick Schupp.

           Added more information on Jacksonville Fire frequencies,
           courtesy Tim Holloway.

           Added link to Erik's Scanner Information Page.  General
           scanning freqs and info.

           Doug Ferrell/KD4MOJ's Tallahassee Freqs site moved and link
           updated to reflect www.tallahassee-scanner.com.

           Updated link to Tennessee - Sevier Co., which had changed.

           Removed link to the Texas area site, The Frequency Zone by
           Miles Barkman, since its old URL no longer works and I
           can't seem to find its new URL using any search engines, if
           there is a new URL, that is.

07 FEB 98  Added link to Washington Parrish, LA Scanner Page.

06 FEB 98  Found the link to Mike's South Florida Page and
           placed him back in the list again!  :)

07 JAN 98  Removed link to The Safe Motorist's Guide To Speed Traps
           since the link no longer seems to be valid.  (Thanks to David 
           Miller for pointing this out to me.)

           Moved Scanner-related News section to bottom of main page and 
           provided pointers to it from the Index so that people don't
           have to scroll through all that stuff before getting to the

31 DEC 97  Added frequencies for Jacksonville area, courtesy William 
           S. Moore IV.

17 DEC 97  Added information about new Florida-area
           scanning-related list called FLACOM-L to mailing lists
           page, as well as to main page.

29 NOV 97  (Minor cosmetic changes to main page.)

28 NOV 97  Added this What's New! page.

           Added the NetMinder service to the main page.

03 NOV 97  (Minor cosmetic changes to main page.)

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