Wanton's Trading Post

Wanton’s Trading Post The Far Frontier

  • Wanton's Trading Post was the first white settlement in this area after Florida became an American territory in 1821. The post was built near the Seminole Indian village of Cuscowilla which was the capitol village of the Chief of the Seminoles. In time, a small frontier village grew up around the trading post and land was cleared for farms by early settlers.
  • Copies of land surveys in this exhibit made in 1824 show the extent of Edward Wanton's property as well as the Arrendondo Grant. This was a large grant made in 1817 by the King of Spain to encourage Spanish settlement. The trading post was situated at the center point of the Arrendondo Grant.
  • The Trading Post provided necessary items for Indians and settlers alike, such as axes, traps, tobacco and coffee, iron cooking vessels and utensils, beads and cloth. Many items in the display were found in local yards and gardens and nearby fields. The main item of trade by the Seminoles were deerskins, one of which hangs over the trading post exhibit.