Pipefitter writes of sinkholes at Ichetucknee cement kiln site
September/October 2001

This month we received the following letter from a worker at Watkins Engineers and Construction, and several photos, one of which is below.

To whom it may concern:
I am working on a job near Branford, Florida building a cement kiln. This is about 3 miles from the Ichetucknee and apparently right over the aquifer.
A couple of weeks ago I took the time and energy to do something about somthing that has been bugging me! I took pictures. Pictures of at least (3) three sinkholes. I know they can be common, however, but as I'm always working right over the Aquifer and so close to the Suwannee River which me and my family care so deeply about. I have swam, hunted, and fished near this beautiful river my whole life and care deeply about my environment.
They say this plant won't hurt anything, I don't know! But when it goes to vibrating with these sink holes and all, something could work its way down there. Could you please send someone out here to the spots I have number to make sure these tings get filled right. I have a feeling they may not be. May I also say that one of the sinkholes is near a footpath that the contractor just put red tape around and could be considered a hazard for us workers when we work near there.
A Concerned Watkins' Pipefitter

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