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Custom & Private Label Projects

CircuitWerkes designs and fabricates both custom and private label electronics as well as modified versions of our regular designs. Click here to learn more.

CircuitWerkes Support (PDF manuals and software)

Manuals have a funny way of walking away just when you need 'em, so this way you always have our information available to you. The books are in Adobe Acrobat 3.0 PDF format. If your version of the reader is 2.xx or older, it will not work, so you'll need to download a free copy of the latest Acrobat reader (ver. 7) or you can click here to install it on your Windows 2000 or XP computer. For older Windows systems, Acrobat 5 may be installed.

This page contains links to current production product manuals and software. If you have an older CircuitWerkes product, you can find out-of-production items here .

The following products are in current production:

  • CP-2 - stand alone call progress decoder for disconnecting any device auto-answer device or 1A2 key set from a phone line or PBX
  • DR-10 - dial-up DTMF operated remote control with audio hybrid and status inputs. This book is for the latest version of the DR-10 firmware, which is 1.3. For older DR-10s, click here . Manuals Updated 3-06-1999 for the DR-10a or 8-06-97 for the original DR-10. A simple DR-10 hookup diagram can be found on our test tones page.
  • DS-8c - multi digit DTMF sequence decoder

  • DT-232 - DTMF to Serial ASCII converter with telephone autocouplerDTMF Tone Encoder
    - Windows GUI to control and configure DT-232.
                        This is Beta Software. CircuitWerkes assumes no liability for bugs,
                        though we would like to hear from you if you find one. You must have
                        firmware version 7.00 or higher (released May, 2008) to use the software.
                        If you have version 5 or 6 firmware, please contact us. If your version is
                        lower than 5, there is no software support, but you can contact us about
                        an inexpensive upgrade for your DT-232 that will bring it up to date.

                        If you get an "invalid setup package" or "setup files corrupt" message when
                        installing the software, it means that your web browser didn't completely
                        download the software. Try right clicking on the link instead of left clciking
                        and then choose the "Save As" option. Depending upon the web browser,
                        you might have to try the download a couple of times. Be sure that the
                        downloaded file is 1.8 (or more) megabytes.
  • DTMF-16 - deluxe tone decoder for single digits with 2-tone and anti-falsing modes.

  • EAS-4 - converts contact closures into serial data for communicating with the Sage ENDEC. Provides simplified control for up to four stations equipped with ENDEC and RP-2 option. A downloadable Windows-based test program can be used on a computer with a serial port to test your EAS-4. Download the program installer from our test tones page.

  • GENr8 - DTMF Tone Encoder
                  GENr8r - Windows GUI to control and configure GENr8
                  (Download the original version here)

  • HC-3 (formerly AC-3a) - hybrid telephone autocoupler with balanced audio. Updated 3-25-98

  • HC-3 with ComboLok Option (formerly AC-3A with ComboLok) - hybrid telephone autocoupler w/ password security. Updated 6-10-03

  • MicTel - amplified Mic/line to telephone interface. The MicTel has recently been updated and two versions are available. If your MicTel was made prior to April of 2006, you probably have MicTelv4.0. If your MicTel was made in April of 2006 or later, you probably have MicTel v5.0. Version 4.0 MicTels have 7 jumpers while Version 5.0 MicTels have 13 jumpers. Use the Configuration Jumper Locator page of the tech manual to determine if your MicTel matches your documentation.

  • pREX - programmable relay expander
    Configuration Manager - Windows GUI to control and configure pREX.
                  Get the original version of the pREX manager here.

  • REX - relay expander / multiplier

  • SEN-6 - Subaudible 25, 35 & combo 25/35 Hz tone encoder. Provides filtered, balanced audio in and out.
  • Sicon-8 - Dial-up, recordable, talking remote control with software client. Note: This is a preliminary release. Functions and specifications are subject to change.
    Sicontroller Beta - Windows GUI to control and configure the Sicon-8.
  • Silencer option for the DR-10 or DS-8 - Removes DTMF tones from audio output.

  • Silencer option for the DTMF-16 - Removes DTMF tones from audio output.

  • Silencer II - Stand Alone DTMF mute for eliminating annoying DTMF tones on any audio line.

  • SUB-03f - In 2003, the SUB-03 series was completely redesigned and is a major improvement over all previous decoders. Using high stability filters and microprocessor based tone detection and control, these units boast superior noise immunity, faster response times, fewer detection errors, and a broader detection range than any other decoder. They are quick to install and reliable in operation.

  • Telco-6 - Multi-line telephone ring detector with relay outputs

  • TelTap - Manual telephone coupler and monitor
  • Transcon-16 - Bi-directional contact closure transporter

These manuals have generally printed amazingly well on a variety of printers, however, they are not absolutely guaranteed to print faithfully on every type of printer. If the printed output doesn't look like what you see on your screen, try a different printer or printer driver.

If you are looking for manuals for discontinued Gentner products, please click here. Please note that we do not sell or service Gentner products. The few links here are provided as a courtesy to former Gentner product users who are seeking technical documents for their products.

Test Tones, programs and hookup information - for your convenience, you can download DTMF and subaudible tones for testing various CircuitWerkes products. Additional test tools and diagrams can also be found here.

Contact Us - if you don't see a manual listed that you need, or you discover any problems with any manuals, send e-mail to our support staff and we'll take care of it for you.


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