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CircuitWerkes Website Mirror #1

You've reached the mirrored website for CircuitWerkes, Inc. If you have been experiencing some difficulty over the past few days with the main website, you can direct your browser to mirror.circuitwerkes.com.  Most of the items found on the main pages can be reached here, but we maintain this site as a convenience for the Internet community and it is possible that not every item here is up to date. If you cannot find what you are seeking here, please feel free to contact us for more help.

We currently have information about many of our products , news about events or product updates that may be of interest to our customers, as well as copies of all our current technical manuals available on-line for you to download and view.

It's not too likely that you'll ever find this site too full of pretty, but slow graphics, however we hope to make it useful, with the latest stuff about our products. We're also pleased to help sponsor Broadcast Net , an Internet resource for broadcast professionals.

We maintain a main website at http://www.circuitwerkes.com/ and a partial backup site at http://backup.circuitwerkes.com/ . Should you encounter problems with this primary website you will find most information from the main site is mirrored at our backup sites, though sometimes formatted a little differently. Our backup sites are housed on completely different servers in different parts of the country.

If you would like to leave a comment, note or ask a question, you can reach us by e-mail from our Contact page.


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