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"An Oscilloscope On Acid"

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What The Heck Is This?!

This is the official homepage for the Cthugha program and it's counter-parts.

And what is Cthugha (pronounced "Kah-Thoo-Gah")? It's a free program available for PC's (running DOS, Windows, or Linux) and Macintosh's which takes sound input from a CD, stereo, or microphone and displays colorful animated graphics synced to the sound. Sort of like an oscilloscope, but on LSD.

Cthugha has become a very popular form of visual entertainment, useful for parties, concerts, raves, and other events as well as just vegging out to mesmerizing, hynotizing displays...

Editors Note:  That official type description out of the way let me say this:   Cthugha is in my top 5 favorite programs of all time.  I have seen many programs that "respond to the music", I always come back to this program.   Cthugha allows you to see the variations in the music.  Changes in instrument, tempo, volume are all available visually.  Cthugha allows you to experience the music in a whole new way that complements the aurreal experience perfectly.

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news-small.jpg (1481 bytes) 4/25/00 - A new caretaker for the Cthugha homepage has been chosen and has started about a month ago.  B)  Jason has passed the mantle to me, Erin Jones.  A few of you know this b/c I have been answering the email for a while.  It looks like I am finally going to rework this site.  The changes will probably be pretty drastic cosmetically but the content won't really change much.  I am a fan of simple and clean pages.  If anybody has any comments, drop me a line.
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Also, be sure to check out the Cthugha Newsgroup, alt.graphics.cthugha - If your newsserver doesn't carry the group, you can ask your News Adminsitrator to add it. You can also use a Usenet search engine such as DejaNews or Alta-Vista to search for messages in the group.   You can also check out the Related Material link for other programs similar to Cthugha, reading material, & more.

Some Reactions:

"It gives credence to the phrase 'I can see music'...There is no real way to describe the patterns except as weird".

--Australian PC Review Oct '94

"Just give me 750 milligrams, man, and I'm set."

--Anonymous individual at Delirium's Birthday party

im not sure if im supposed to write you here, but i had to tell you guys how happy i am w/ your program!!! i downloaded cthugha for mac yesterday and i was blown away!!!! it was what my mind pictured a computer interpertation of music should be !! i was very excited and began grabbing cds and zoning out for hours!!! really, really amazing!!!!! thanks again!

--BeeMER (from email commentary)

I have just used CTHUGHA. Brilliant stuff mate! A good record to put on is Firestarter by The Prodigy. Well done geezer!

--Email commentary

[...]But now, god, what have you done? This newest version is so brilliant, I have no words..You have to know that I usually listen to Death Metal, some of the fastest music there is, but for the last few hours I only listened to the Conan, the Barbarian/Destroyer Soundtrack, it works so great with all the new effects, Im stoked!!! I want to thank you for so many hours of delight, keep the great work up!

--Goetz Vogelsang (from email commentary)

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The Official CTHUGHA Home Page / cthugha@afn.org