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Here we present the authors of the Cthugha software family in all their glory! Feel free to look, but don't touch - They can be unpredictible and possibly even dangerous... :)

Kevin "Zaph" Burfitt
[Pic of Zaph looking like a burned-out ZZ-Top band member]

The author of the original PC/DOS version of Cthugha (aka CTHUGHA), as well as the new Windows95 version entitled Cthugha97, is Kevin "Zaph" Burfitt. Zaph (rhymes with Safe) is the progenitor of Cthugha, conceiving the original idea and implimenting it.

Zaph resides in Australia and can be contacted electronically:

Or via postal mail:

P.O. Box 331
Richmond 3121
Victoria, Australia

Current Status (6/7/98)

Haven't talked to Zaph recently, however he's been in the process of relocating the Cthugha Development pages to so you may want to check it out. He's also mentioned that the old email addresses at "" will no longer work! His current e-mail address is listed above.

Old Status
I talked to Zaph tonight for a while. He's alive and well (in fact, he'll be going on week-long vacation next week), but he's been extremely busy with work and real life, and hasn't had the time or energy to devote to Cthugha97. I think he's also feeling a bit burnt-out on it.

Here's some of what Zaph had to say:

So there you have it folks. A tentative release date for a new version of Cthugha97, as well as some intriguing possible new features. Don't tell me nothing is happening!

Deischinger Harald
[Pic of Linux Penguin]

The author and maintainer of the Linux version of Cthugha (aka Cthugha-L) is Deischinger Harald. He was the first person to port Cthugha to another platform, and has already received several postcards (but he wants more! Send them in!)

He resides in Austria, and can be reached electronically at:

Current Status (12/10/97)

Harald says he's planning on releasing a bug-fix version of Cthugha-L in January, which should address some sound problems folks have had. Harald hasn't released anything sooner because he's been in Lyngby for the past few months and has not had access to his computer.

Harald has managed to come up with a Java version of Cthugha, however. The applet can be found in the Cthugha section of his homepage, including source. It is also available from the Archives section.

Rus Maxham
[Krusty Brand Seal of Approval]

The author of the Macintosh version of Cthugha (aka MaCthugha) is Rus Maxham. He is the second author to port Cthugha to a different platform, and the first one to port it to a whole new hardware architecture.

Rus resides in the Bay Area and may be contacted electronically:

via postal mail:

Rus Maxham
930 Nob Hill Rd.
Redwood City, CA  94061

or via voice phone:

Current Status (12/10/97)

Rus has been working on a revision to MaCthugha (version 1.1) which will fix some bugs in the current 1.0 release, as well as add on support for MP3 files, some new wave effects, and user interface improvements. The work has been slow because, like many of us, Rus has real-life distractions he must deal with first, though he has expressed the desire to hurry-up and finish his current job so he can devote his time to MaCthugha.

He's also mentioned a new User interface style that may appear in MaCthugha 2.0 (FAR in the future!) based on the ReBirth synth emulator program. Which is pretty damn cool in it's own right!

Mark Vojkovich

[Pic of Locutus] Mark is the author of the XFree-DGA port of Cthugha-L (the Linux version of Cthugha). This is essentially the same program, but with all the graphic-dependant stuff now using the Xfree DGA libraries. This makes it significantly easier to port Cthugha to other Unix platforms that use the XFree implimentation of X-windows. Mark plans to do some more work on the code but also hopes that others may pick up the project.

Mark resides in California and may be contacted electronically:

Current Status (4/22/98)

Mark has been working on a lot of Linux-related freeware, but is looking forward to the release of the Cthugha97 source. He may do an OpenGL port of Cthugha97 when that time comes.

Krunoslav Pisačić

[Krunoslav Pic] Krunoslav is the author of the WinAmp plugin port of the original DOS version of Cthugha. WinAmp is a powerful Windows95 program (but also available for several other platforms) that plays MP3 files. A MP3 file is a sound file that uses advanced methods to provide extremely high levels of compression and yet retain excellent sound quality (a 3 megabyte MP3 file can play stereo, 16-bit music at a 44kHz sampling rate for about 3 minutes). WinAmp supports plugins which allows other programmers to add their own visual and/or audio effects to the program without needing to modify the main program. For much more info on these topics, I strongly suggest checking out the WinAmp homepage.

Krunoslav resides in Zagreb, Croatia and may be contacted electronically:

Current Status (1/30/98)

Added to the authors page. Hi Krunoslav! :)


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