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4/25/00 - A new caretaker for the Cthugha homepage has been chosen and has started about a month ago.  B)  Jason has passed the mantle to me, Erin Jones.  A few of you know this b/c I have been answering the email for a while.  It looks like I am finally going to rework this site.  The changes will probably be pretty drastic cosmetically but the content won't really change much.  I am a fan of simple and clean pages.  If anybody has any comments, drop me a line.

8/16/99 - A new caretaker for the Cthugha homepage has been chosen and will be starting in shortly. The webpages will remain in their current location, though additional mirrors may pop-up. You can go to this page to read the details.

7/28/99 - IMPORTANT!

It's been coming for a while now but now is the time to make it official and announce it here.
I've decided to step down as the webpage master for the Official Cthugha Webpage. What this means is:

Now I know the webpage hasn't been updated for nearly a year so this announcement seems redundant, however I have been doing some work offline. But my time has been limited and with few updates to the Cthugha project I haven't been able to build-up the steam to release the changed pages.

10/28/98 - Woops. Small error in the link to the FTP archive for Cthugha97. Sorry for the inconvenience.

10/26/98 - Yow! New releases of both Cthugha-L and Cthugha97, now available from the archives! There's not a lot of major changes in the Win95 port of Cthugha but Zaph hopes that this will begin a new roll of development releases for him. PLEASE NOTICE THAT THE WIN95 RELEASE HAS NO DATA FILES!

4/11/98 - The latest release of Cthugha-4-WinAmp (1.5) is now available from the archives. It's been there for a while but I had neglected to update the webpage to reflect that. I've been very busy lately with school, work, and a multitude of projects.
And no, there's no new release of Cthugha97 or MaCthugha at this time. Rus is indeed working on a new version of MaCthugha. Zaph is extremely busy with his job and other real-life concerns.

4/9/98 - George Elphick has released a new tool called xStream98. This program allows the user to generate very sophisticated translation tables for use with the various versions of Cthugha. You can get to his personal webpage through either of the two previous links, or you can go to the GeoCities mirror of the page.

2/3/98 - Cthugha-L 1.2 is now available from the archives. No new flames, but a number of bug fixes and some other minor improvements.

1/30/98 - Sorry, no new version of Cthugha97. However, I've added the Cthugha-4-WinAmp plugin to the archives. This plugin has been out for a little while, but was not done by any of the original Cthugha authors (it's a port of the DOS version by Krunoslav). After getting questions about the plugin (and going "huh?") I tracked it down and added it.

Oh, and allow me a moment to complain a bit... Please stop sending me mail about things already answered in these webpages! I've had folks ask the same question over and over about a missing .DLL file when trying to run Cthugha97. Well guess what, that's covered in the Help page, and it's also mentioned in Zaph's webpage for Cthugha97. I'm not going to repeat the solution here, READ THE INFORMATION PROVIDED TO YOU!!

(Ahhhh, I feel better now...)

12/28/97 - A quick note just to let folks know that Zaph is alive and well (I talked to him tonight). Check out the authors page for some details on what's up.

12/17/97 - Just a minor update. There's now an improved version of the Java version of Cthugha available in the archives. This version uses Java 1.1 and so will not work correctly in Netscape 3.x or earlier.

12/10/97 - A lot of folks have been writing in about when the next update of Cthugha (any version) will be, or if the project has been dropped. Nothing has been dropped! But the guys have all been busy with their real lives (mostly work), so they haven't release anything yet. For more detailed info on what they are doing, check out the About The Authors page, where I've added a section for each author on their current status.
There's also now a Java version of Cthugha available in the Archives, albeit a very simple one. It does not take sound-input of any sort, it's just a demo. Source is also available.
And one final note: Yes, the source code for Cthugha97 will be made available. It isn't available yet because it's still an Alpha and in the early stages of development. Zaph has lots more to do before he's ready to release the source code to the public.

8/25/97 - Harald found a few bugs in the last release of Cthugha-L and has fixed them. Cthugha-L 1.1a is now available from the archives.

8/20/97 - Cthugha-L 1.1 is now available from the archives. This new version includes two new 3-D modes as well as support for playing MOD files and MP3 files! Full source is of course available as usual.

7/28/97 - There is a bug in Cthugha-L 1.0 that can cause a segmentation violation. Please check Harald's homepage for details on the bug and how to fix it.

7/7/97 - Cthugha-L 1.0 is now available from the archives.

6/22/97 - Cthugha97 Alpha 5 is out! You can download it from the archives, or from Zaph's development page.

6/8/97 - Added new, hopefully clearer instructions on the archives page in regards to downloading Cthugha97. Also updated and added information to the Help page.

5/20/97 - Due to overwhelming agreement to remove the LinkExchange banner ad from the page, it's now gone. :)

5/7/97 (afternoon) - When it rains, it pours... but this time it's pouring in everyone's favor. Zaph has released Alpha 4 of Cthugha97! This now includes PCX image support, TAB support, and some cool new 3D effects (you need to either have a 3D FX video card or the Glide 2.3 drivers to use it). Go grab it from the archives!

5/7/97 (morning) - Release 1.0 of MaCthugha is now available from the archives!! Also, I forgot to put a mention in the news section about the release of Cthugha-L 0.9 on May 1st. Check it out!

4/1/97 - Alpha 3 of Cthugha97 is now available from the usuallocations. See below for more details.

3/25/97 - Zaph releases his second Alpha for the Windows95 version of Cthugha, now called Cthugha97. You can download this alpha from his webpage on GeoCities, or from the Cthugha Archives. Check below for details on what is needed to run the Alpha.

3/18/97 - The Cthugha95 Alpha is now available to download from the Cthugha Archives! You can also get it from Zaph's homepage, listed below.

3/16/97 - Kevin "Zaph" Burfitt now has his own webpage on GeoCities:

That page will be used as his Cthugha95 Development page, where he will make the Cthugha95 Alpha available for everyone to test! The initial Alpha test will not have any controls. It will just run, as a test of sound and video hardware. The minimal system requirements for the Alpha are as follows:

  1. A pentium-class CPU.
  2. Windows 95, installed.
  3. DirectX 3.0, installed. DirectX 3.0 is free (Microsoft makes their money off of Software Developer Kits for DirectX). If you don't already have it installed, you can get the archive from:


2/11/97 - No, no Cthugha95 yet, sorry guys. But I thought I should mention that the Macintosh version of Cthugha (aka MaCthugha) will be appearing at a rave at the World Wide Developer's Conference in May'97!

12/17/96 - A few new programs are listed in the Related Items page, check 'em out. I've also converted a bunch of the images used in these pages from .GIF to .JPG format to save some space and speed up load time. ;If you see any broken image links, please let me know ASAP. ;Thanks.

10/31/96 - The new, revised pages for the Official ;Cthugha Homepage are unleashed on the general public! If you find any broken links, images that do not load, or spelling errors, please send E-mail to with a description of the problem.

10/30/96 - Fraud! Apparently there is a CD-ROM out there somewhere claiming to have "Cthugha v5.4" on it, and people are being told that they must pay $25 to register the program. THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE AND FRAUDULENT! Zaph has not released a version past v5.3 of Cthugha, and has not authorized anyone else to do so. And Cthugha is free, not ShareWare.
If you see anyone attempting to sell Cthugha for money, or claiming to have a version you don't find on this site (check in the archives section for all the current authorized releases), please notify us immediately. Thanks!

10/9/96 - I've been in the process of porting my personal homepage as well as the Cthugha web pages to my home computer, the better to use Netscape Gold 3.0 for making my changes. I'll be doing some major revisions to the pages as well, mostly in regards to layout and such. And...

Zaph has begun work on a Windows95 version of Cthugha!

Here's some of the highlights of what's going into Cthugha95, direct from the author:

4/12/96 - Version 0.7 of Cthugha-L (the Linux version) is now available from the archives
Also, a lot of people have been complaining about a problem with the DOS 5.3 version of CTHUGHA, where the graphical display only occupies the top-half of the screen, or appears mirrored into 4 small pieces on the screen. The solution for this problem is to modify your CTHUGHA.INI file so that the line which reads:

vesa = on

instead reads:

vesa = off

4/10/96 - MaCthugha version 0.5a4 is now available from the archives. PCX images now supported and work! Numerous other improvements and fixes, but still Alpha.

1/19/96 - Daniel Sachs, who wrote the sound code for the PC version of CTHUGHA, has given us his current, functional email address. While listed in the documentation as:

his actual current E-mail address is:

12/15/95 - The author (of the PC version) is hard at work on his regular job and has not had the time to devote to the project. He has not abandoned Cthugha!

Also, in general, please keep in mind that is for the maintenance of the CTHUGHA web site and archives. If you wish to report bugs or ask techincal questions, you should Email them to the appropiate author. The CTHUGHA Webpage manager can not help you with bugs, techincal details, configurations, etc.

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