Cthugha Related Materials

This page contains links and references to material releated to Cthugha. This includes programs of a similar nature as Cthugha (aka "Eye-Candy" programs), news-media coverage, reviews, commentary, etc.

Please feel free to submit material for consideration for this page. Send email to cthugha@afn.org with the appropiate URL or text. We are especially interested in official Press coverage. We reserve the right to decide what does and does not get placed on this page.

Stuff To Listen To

(From the CTHUGHA documentation)

Ella Fitzgerald:  (really!!, the 20's songs - trp@Cs.Nott.AC.UK)
Enya:             (Excellent with all white palettes - jsee+@andrew.cmu.edu)
Pink Floyd:       (actually, anything by Pink Floyd will do...)
Metallica:        Orion - use the crawling worms mode :-)

(From email commentary)

Jimi Hendrix (esp. Purple Haze and Little Wing)
Love Spirals Downwards

(my $.02)

Anything with deep bass.  Some NIN (Hey Pig) and portishead types are great.   Good acoustic guitar solos also look fantastic.

Other Similar Programs

Here's some other programs in a similar vain as the Cthugha programs. These are all graphical in nature, with changing, hypnotizing displays (what are sometimes called "eye candy" programs). Most of these are silent programs, unless otherwise noted.

Note: I've decided to limit the listing of programs here to "FreeWare" sorts. For an index of eye-candy and oscilloscope software that includes Shareware and commercial, titles, check out Riffer's Photonic Zone.

Additional "Eye-Candy" Programs

Here's a webpage of links to various other Eye-Candy or Cthugha-style programs. Unlike the ones on this page, the links on Riffer's Photonic Zone include shareware and commercial programs.

Other Cool Sites

Here are some of the cool sites on the Internet that archive nifty graphic demos, tools, and other goodies.

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