MC Archer Games




Kits (Donating)

Ridiculous $10- Protection 3 full diamond armor, sharpness V fire aspect II knockback II diamond sword, enderpearls, golden apples(not Notch), Bow power V flame I and Punch II, and 128 arrows

God $50- Protection 7 full diamond armor , sharpness VII fire aspect II knockback II diamond sword, enderpearls, Notch apple, potion of strength, potion of speed, 128 arrows, bow Power VII Flame I Punch II Infinity I Explode I


"Ender Pearl Juking"- If running away from an enemy, throw an ender pearl in one direction, but keep running in the other. Eventually you will teleport away. If your enemy watches you ender pearl and they toss one up. The odds are you have another one. In the event this happens, throw another pearl before you get teleported and you should be home free.

"Block Hitting" If caught in a head on head even battle (whether it's a hole fight or not) the chances are you don't want to take that much damage and outlast your opponent. Right and left clicking at the same time helps in this situation. Blocking an opponents sword will do reduced damage, yet at the same time you are damaging the opponent.

Potions- When engaged in a fight, drink your strength potion, but when at a disadvantage drink your speed potion.

Notch Apples- If in a hole fight or a normal fight, eat your apple when you get down to around 3.5-4 hearts.

Exploding- With exploding bows, you can either boost your partner toward your target. Or you can shoot your enemy to slow them down. This makes for a great quick escape.

"Stacking up"- If you receive a pickaxe, mine around 3 stacks of cobblestone so you can build a sky base, but make sure you have plenty of ender pearls. The best part of cobblestone is that it can't be affected by exploding bows.

At the start get clear of all players and ender pearl toward the cornucopia. The best gear you can get would be protection 4 diamond armor and a sharpness V fire aspect II diamond sword. Ender pearls can also be found in maps