MC PVP Servers



Supplies Before Combat

Unless you are professional at PVP, it is recommended you to have these items before you join the fight.

However, never bring anything you will not use to PvP or are afraid of losing. Keep unnecessary items in a chest that will not be stolen.


If you have better stuff than them you will most likely be able to kill them. Use everything to your advantage! They attacked you, and to be honest, fighting is going to often lose you your hard earned equipment (on servers with player drops on). Use critical hits by jumping, knock them far back by sprinting, block their hits using right click, and so on. It doesn't always matter what stuff you have, skill is tied with power, but power is useless without skill! Also, if your server has MCMMO Skills you might like to practice a lot on the weaponry and tools section, as eventually, for example, a regular wooden axe with the MCMMO Skill of around 200 will kill another player whatever the armour in around 2-3 hits.

Tactical Planning

Keep in mind that faction wars are not always about combat. It's always about preparations and knowledge, such as how you wish to raid another faction's base, not just that you will raid them, how you can slay a guy in diamond armor with only iron armor, and the preparations you went before going out to war. You can't rush into an attack, you need to plan it.

First of all, PvP is clearly about fighting and killing your enemy before he kills you. Here's the lowdown on your armor.

If someone is Protection III Diamond Armor, it takes without them healing...

Now say a new enemy has come and he has Protection IV armor, with a Sharpness V sword, and an obsidian base all to himself that nobody did so much as dared to walk near. Attacking him would be hard in a fair fight (unless you have better equipment). First, send an (invisible) friend to discover the entrances, exits, traps, base structure and chests. Then you reconstruct a map back home of how things look and work extra hard to get what you need for the raid. After all that, initiate your course of action, which should involve digging below to dismantle traps, blockading critical exit points ,removing supply chests, and blowing holes in his weak points. This allows you to eliminate his source of power. Then, send someone to cause a diversion to distract him. He'll be chased all the way until he comes back and finds the smoldering ruin that was his home. Lead him to a terrain useful to you,such as a cliff where the wall is shaved clean for at least 64 blocks with a diamond block next to the edge. By the time he realizes you were invisible behind him with a Punch III bow, it's too late. A plan like this might be hard to follow, but brains beats brawn.

Always make sure every fight is strongly in your favor. Go to reasonable lengths to ensure you can attack but he cannot retaliate, or sacrifice to gain power, such as you losing 5 hearts though snowballing him but in the process breaking his diamond armor.

Weapon Training

Always carry potions of damage and poison on you. You'll never know whether you're fighting a guy with a stone sword in gold armor with minimal enchantments or if you're face to face with a full armed juggernaut carrying what people consider as "God Equipment." This is the most efficient way of disposing of anybody.

You may be a fast clicker with a powerful sword and you may have a large chest's worth of damage potions, but without training these aren't of any use. Train yourself to arch with a regular and enchanted bow so that you are so good at it that people accuse you of having an aimbot (don't shoot people constantly or you might get banned mistakenly). Get it in your mind to strafe around the enemy and jump to get critical hits and get an edge over your opponent. Train to throw potions so well that you don't wound yourself and get direct hits for maximum effectiveness.

You see some guy mining some diamonds, and the only weapon he has is a bow. You decide to kill him. It seems like a great idea, especially when you have armor, until you get close to him and he starts rapidly shooting arrows. Some players have an uncanny ability to shoot arrows VERY fast at low charge. They may only deal 1/2 heart of damage, but they will knock you back, and enough of them will kill you. If someone starts using this tactic on you, DO NOT RUSH THEM. It will most likely lead to your death. Fall back behind some cover, and if you have a bow, start shooting back at them. Stay far away, because while they are amazing at close range, they usually aren't very good at hitting those far shots (there are exceptions). Finally, Almost no amount of spam shots can stop a sprint-jump attack, ender pearl charge or splash potion, so if ranged combat is not your strong suit either, hit them with a critical attack or potion, this will usually cause them to run, then be slaughtered by your melee strikes. Remember though; you could do this as a tactic too!

Who says you need NORMAL weapons to beat a strong enemy? Nobody, that's who! The truth is, using weapons that your enemy doesn't even think about will make you more probable to beat your enemy. If you know how to use them, that is. For instance, if you are fighting a juggernaut, there are few weapons usable against him;

  1. Potions (most effective)
  2. Snowballs and Eggs (to knock him back)

Potions harm and distort the enemy, making them the most effective against especially such people with Protection IV armor. Snowballs and Eggs will knock the enemy back. You can project him into lava or a pit, and as part of a bug in the game it damages armor as well because it technically harms the player pummeled by it. Always try to find a way around normality!