MC The Walls



Minecraft walls are teamed based multiplayer mini games where: you have 15 minutes to find chests and ore. At the fifteen minute mark, the walls drop and all four sides become enabled to pvp. The center holds diamonds, potions, weapons, enderpearls, and other misc. items.


Walls Tips:

Lava and Water: Before the walls drop, make sure you make anough buckets for lava and water. If you are running away from an enemy, you can turn around and drop some lava, and if you find your self caught in lava, you can plop down some lava, and it will save your life.

Teams: Red is for rushing and Blue is for buldozing. Red and Blue are the two main offensive teams in the walls. Green and Yellow are the two teams that are most likely to either skybase or dig underground. If you are hunting down enemies underground, be careful for anvil glitching and lava traps.

Hunting Down Enemies: Use your compass if on a public walls server, but if on a private server, control the middle. If you come across a team of more than two, try to seperate them, that pick them off one by one. Examples of this tactic can be found on Bajan Canadian's Youtube channel.

Sky Basing: If you fid yourself in a situation where you don't have enough iron, but you have enough blocks, build up. Make a base, but make sure you either have a bow or snowballs. Also make sure you have a strong supply of water to let your team mates in your base. Lava is also useful if enemies try to conquer your base. While enemies try to build up to your base, knock them off with your bow or your snowballs. If all else fails, make a fail-safe. If you meet your certain demise, have tnt rigged in your base and pull the lever and blow your base up.

Enchanting: If you recieve enchantment bottles and use your smelting xp, you should have around 5 levels of XP. use the XP to enchant level one on all of your gear and your sword. you should receive projectile protectioon or normal protection. You should also recieve sharpness on your sword. 10 bottles of experience will give around level 4.