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***Recent Stuff June 2, 2005*** I update like a dead rock. One of these days I'll fix the broken links.
I still exist. Just wanted to let you know that.
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Oh, yes. Lith's etapas page is really quite cool-- 'I was amazed at the coolness!': Mrs. Janet H. of Bournemouth -- You can look at cool stuff and read funny things and cool things and go places and stuff.
This is just one facet of etapas.. the index and Peter Gabriel page. Etapas links include: pete-based art by Lith Cool photos computer manipulated by, but not taken by Lith Well, it took a while but I fixed it.. this is a linked index of photos of pete.

linkity link! good pete related links.

Kali's back from Brazil, btw.. Kali's cool letters have been moved to their own page.. Go there to read Kali's translation of 'Lilywhite Lillith' into Portuguese and her Poem Of Toast And Pete! Thanks for coming.. If you want to give me some feedback, please drop me a line at

Til then I'm filling this out with a scrap from one of Armando Gallo's books. Gallo is an also cool guy who likes Genesis and he talked to pete and pete talked about being a kid which appeals to me because I'm a kid. Well you'd probably guessed that too.

"... any money you could get at school was like gold dust. You could buy records and sweets with it, which were the two most important things in life!" (Lith nods vigorously)

"I liked burning things. I used to go and make fires. I used to build dams too in the river that ran through the farm, and swim in it. But these people called the Thames Conservancy Crew used to come by in a punt once in a while, and they would destroy my dams. We would sit on the bank of the river and flick acorns at the two men as they worked. . . . I used to look at dragonflies 'butterflies, flutterbies, gutterflies...' " sang Peter. "They used to fly around the river on the farm and now, fifteen years later, they have all disappeared, which is sad." --1977