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I'll have more to look at later.

so why do you say stuff so much?

Because you silly person I like stuff. from the vision come the people.


Oops sorry I'm listening to pete.

Who are you?

I'm Lillith Skye Rael, known about the towne as Lith or Liiiiiith!

at least part of this is my real name don't you worry about it though and the house it is crumbling but the stairways stand Oops still listening.

Hey well I guess it's already pretty obvious I'm preoccupied with pete well yeah if you hadn't guessed, pete's Peter Gabriel. also if you hadn't guessed, I think he's pretty darn cool (e a verdade! says Kali likes me, I like Kali ...yes even Liths have feelings but this relationship is something we're both learning to live with. Kali likes a good time, I like a good rhyme, but you won't see her directly unless you follow the dang link.)

Did I also mention I've never seen the guy? Well I hope he tours again soon so I can go see him. Kali wants to go too. Darn being too young to drive to the SW concert anyway >:p

I'm just a fun lovin' kid from sunny Florida who enjoys all things cool/engaging/thought-provoking/silly. Lots of my more entertaining interests are reflected in these pages, of course. I'm currently a freshman in the right college. I hope to finish my major in Computer Animation and go to work doing cool things. I'm working very slowly on a comic book which documents the further adventures of Rael, which may appear here if I get enough of it done. I take the name Lillith from two places: "the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" album by Genesis, and the book "Lillith" by George MacDonald, published over a century ago. Technically it's spelt with one "l" but here again I've altered the facts to fit my opinions. I may put the book up if anyone shows interest.

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