Lith's Slightly Rare List:

OOoold stuff:
!!Strawberry Fields
!!Me and My Teddybear
!!!Ain't That Peculiar (Robinson/Tarplin/Rogers/Moore)
!!!A Song Without Words
!!!All Day and All of the Night (Davis)
!!!Why Don't We?
!!!Just Another Day (Harper) (w/Kate Bush)
!!!I Don't Remember (early version, live)
!!!Illusions (hideous)
!!!Jetzt Kommt Die Flut (live)
Medium stuff:
!Out Out
Across The River (Gabriel/Shankar/Rhodes/Copeland)
Big Time (7 inch version)
!!Ga-Ga (instrumental of I Go Swimming)
!!Walk Through the Fire (remix)
!Don't Break This Rhythm
!Sledghammer (Extended Dance Mix)
!I Have the Touch ('85 remix)
!Shaking the Tree (with the quiet vox)
Shaking the Tree (Botrill remix)
My Secret Place (Mitchell)
Mercy Street (from POV)
Relativley new stuff:
!Fourteen Black Paintings (Liquid Selves mix edit)
Digging In The Dirt (Rich E mix edit)
Digging In The Dirt (instrumental)
Steam (Let Off Steam 12" and dub)
Quiet Steam
Games Without Frontiers (massive/DB mix)
Mercy Street (remix w/ music from Passion)
Kiss That Frog (Mindblender mix edit)
!!!Burn You Up (Sparks/Wallanger/Gabriel)(incomplete)
!!!Taste of Lime (Breeze/Rossy/Wallanger/Gabriel)(incomplete)
Very new stuff:
Party Man (Gabriel/Amos/Acogny)
While the Earth Sleeps (w/Deep Forest)(extended mix too)
I Have the Touch (96 mix)
!Seven Zero
!Signal to Noise (live)

!=from tape
!!=from LP
!!!=not studio-like sound
(info/writing credit where it's not PG if I know it)
I have some EXTREMELY old stuff too, like Pacidy/Happy the Man, Twilight Alehouse etc, and a few other things that I don't list here, like video of old Pete-with-Genesis stuff. most everything else I have, not typed up too well *grin*