Kali has remotley been helping Lith.. Here she has writ Lilywhite Lillith in her best guess in Portuguese. She has not been speaking Portuguese for more than four months so any corrections would be welcome!
and{ means a tilde on the following letter, ^ a carat,/ and accent and\ one of those c's with a thingy on the bottom...

A C^amara estava em confus{ao--todas as voces gritavam barulhento.
Ouv/i uma voz pr/oximo disse "Por favor,
ajuda-me a passear entre do multid{ao."
Disse que se eu ajudava-se, ela podar/a ajuadar-me tamb/em, 
pero vi que ella foi cega totalamente.
De sua cara p/alida y sua pele p/alida, a luz da lua brilhava.

L/irio-branco Lillith,
Ela va a guiarte do t/unel de noite.
L/irio-branco Lillith
Ela va a guiarte bem.

Cu/ando se guiava entre do multid{ao, o barulho furioso
come\cou a crescer.
Ela disse "Permita-me a sentir a dire\c{ao que as cinzas ventam, 
e ensenarei-te de onde voc^e tem que ir."
Ela eu segui a uma caverna grande e redonda, ela disse
"Eles est{ao vindo por voc^e, n{ao voc^e est/e com medo."
Ent{ao ela sente-me de um trono fr/io e de pedra, 
com escultura em jade.

L/irio-branco Lillith,
Ela va a guiarte do t/unel de noite.
L/irio-branco Lillith
Ela va a guiarte bem.

Ela abandona-me em minha escura
Tenho que enfrentar meu medo
E a escura confina-me,
Posso ouvir um som zumbido que est/a vindo aqui.
Eu posso ver a esquina do t/unel,
Illuminada por o que est/a vindo aqui.
Duas feras de ouro entram o quarto flutuante
E uma chama de luz branca enche o ar.

Grins- it took me about an hour and a bit with two dictionaries, the spanish version, and my chart of irregular verb tenses to translate it. And some of its still akward, oh well, you don't speak enough portugese to care. Just don't give it to someone who does without saying um could you correct any glaring errors..:) Oh, we found out was was wrong with my box of boom. becky plugged it into a 220 volt socket. it friiiiiiied. :( And by the sound of what you said, the man of walk is also broken. :( :( (double sadness) man that sucks. You have no IDEA how much that sucks. :( Oh well. I'll just sing alot. -Kali

And here is Kali's Pome!!! which she wrote to me and the Hill, from Brazil! To: solsbury@digital.net, afn20039@afn.org Subject: Toast

Alo, lovers of Pete, and keepers of a coffee filled homepage! Upon finding myself in Brasil with nothing to do for extremely large stretches of time, I thought to myself "Ah! I shall write a poem about Pete, in an entirely non-Italian and Mary Parks sort of way!" and then I thought "Hey, I will write about Pete and Toast, since I love them both so!" and then I thought, "Ooh! I will write a poem about Pete and Toast and the Beatles, since Paul and Pete are both cute, even though they are both older than my father!" But then my sister (not a lover of Pete) insisted that 'twould be blasphemy for Beatles and Pete to be combined in a single poem. So I just wrote about Pete and Toast. And here it is!

    ~*Pete and Toast*~
Peter, man of song and verse
who, with a flower on his head, 
did hop and skip about,

Happened one day, 
upon some bread
and the toaster to make it great.

"Joy!" Said he, 
for such as this,
had ne'er been hap'd upon

And promptly sat
with all Womad
to eat the joyous fare

"Toast!" said they
"Such joy in bread
We never thought could be!"

"When bread is changed
through golden heat
into a breakfast food!"

And Pete sat down
And wrote a song
and several songs he wrote

About that joyous 
comestible, gold-browned
and yummy, toast.

(Sadly, since he couldn't think of a name with two letters, the 
Toast Album was abandoned.)
And so ends the poem of Pete and Toast. Hope you enjoy it.

Kali , Toast Priestess

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