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If Time Permits - a Matthew Sweet site in Japan

The Scottish Sweeties Page - The home of the Matthew Sweet check list.

Anita's Matthew Sweet Page
Sights and sounds as well as a message board and more.

Audities' EoMP
Encyclopedia of Modern Pop entry for Matthew Sweet.

Baer's Information About Seeing Matthew Sweet Live
One concert-goer's experience...

The Fez Fest
A bunch of Matthew Sweet concert pictures.

Heaven And Earth ~Matthew Sweet's Universe~
The highlight of this page is the nifty concert archive.

The Kids @ Channel 23
Pictures and biographies of some of the members of the Matthew Sweet mailing list.

Matthew Sweet Club at Yahoo

Matthew Sweet Fanatics Anonymous
Pictures, sound clips, pictures and more.

The Matthew Sweet Fanzine
A must for all Matthew Sweet fans.

Matthew Sweet Videos
Download some of them here.

Matrim's Matthew Sweet Page
Download all the MP3s from the "Goodfriend" promo cd here.

Matthew Sweet, ruler of Pop-Rock
Another person who has discovered Matthew Sweet.

Matthew Sweet: A Time Capsule
A great page. Pictures, articles, and more.

MTV Video Clips

The Path of Sweetness
More Sweet links.

Matthew Sweet Chord Archive
Chord archive for most Matthew Sweet songs.

Matthew Sweet mailing list
Homepage for the Matthew Sweet mailing list. Go here to find out more about it and how to subscribe. A must for Sweet fans!

Sweet, Matthew
Allows you to rate Matthew Sweet's various albums. Also contains a few links.

Lengthy biography along with a lot of related links.

Under a Smog Moon
Nice page with cool links and information.

Here's a girl's page who got her picture taken with Matthew Sweet.

Here is Bibi Farber's Home Page - She is the guitarist in Richard Lloyd's new band and has a CD of her own out now produced by and featuring Richard Lloyd.

Here are the current concert dates listed at This page also has fan concert reviews.


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