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Articles and Reviews




The Onion AV Club interviews Sweet on the music business, mortality, and what the future holds. review of Time Capsule: The Best of Matthew Sweet 90/00.

PopMatters review of Time Capsule: The Best of...

In Reverse review - The glowing reviews start to pour in :).

Alterna-Sweet & Low - Review of one of Matthew's concerts shortly before 100% Fun was released.

America Online Article advertising upcoming guest appearance by Matthew Sweet. Here's the transcript of that appearance.

Blue Sky on Mars - Review #1 - Short, glowing review from Q Music Magazine out of the UK.

Blue Sky on Mars - Review #2 - Another positive review...

Blue Sky on Mars - Review #3 - The critics just love him!

Blue Sky on Mars - Review #4 - More good stuff.

Consumable Online with Matthew Sweet [4/18/97]

Encyclopedia of Modern Pop - The Matthew Sweet entry.

Guilty Pleasures of Matthew Sweet and others.

Live at the Rockefeller - A concert review from the Blue Sky On Mars tour.

Matthew Sweet - A short history of Matthew Sweet's releases.

MTV News Gallery - Various MTV Matthew Sweet related news stories.

NET Online: Matthew Sweet - News story/interview with Matthew Sweet. Covers the making of the Where You Get Love video and much more. You can order this news story on video tape at this page.

Quickscans - 100% Fun

Sound Judgement - Review of Blue Sky On Mars [April 6th, 1997].

100% Fun review - A review.

Another review of 100% Fun - Another review.

Matthew Sweet, 100% Pop

An interesting Interview with Matthew Sweet. He talks about everything from how he almost sang Winona with Winona to his opinion on the O.J. trial.

Matthew Sweet - A brief interview with Matthew Sweet. Also has a couple real-time audio clips.

Sweet Delivers a Strong Set of Songs on 100% Fun - Another Matthew Sweet article/review.

Sweet Spot - Guitar World interview with Matthew Sweet about Blue Sky on Mars.

Sweet Success - An article on Matthew Sweet.

Matthew Sweet Talks About His Excellent Girlfriend

Matthew Sweet adds energy to songs in live performance - Article with a long title.

Sweet Relief - feature, from 95.5 WBRU Modern Rock Online April 20-May 3, 1997.

Sweet Talk - Matthew talks about Barbara Streisand, Cher, Madonna, and his gay appeal.

Sweet Tempts Fate - Short little article in which Matthew mentions his fear of flying.


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