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Welcome to the info page for the Dinosaur Act BBS! You are visitor number to this page since August 1st, 2000.

What is a BBS you ask? Ahhh... Well read on... (If you already know, you can skip this part). Once upon a time, long ago, (actually only a few short years ago) before the Internet was easily accessible by most, there was the BBS. A BBS was a computer system you could connect to by using a terminal program and a modem. It provided local and networked message areas (kind of like usenet newsgroups but more friendly and a lot less spam), online games (if you are thinking Everquest you've got the wrong idea), and files to download. Typically a BBS was run on some kind of personal computer at someone's house, however there were also many larger commercial systems. Nowadays, many BBS systems including this one are telnetable meaning that you can connect to them through the Internet with a telnet client. Windows 95/98/NT has a telnet client built in but it is not a good one to use since it is not capable of file transfers or ANSI color graphics. Instead, use one of the telnet clients below.

Dinosaur Act has several online games as well as message and file areas related to Matthew Sweet, Babylon 5, Crusade, X-Files, Anime, Star Trek, Star Wars, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Commodore 64, video games and emulation and more! There are nearly 200 message areas (local, Usenet Newsgroups, FidoNet echos, RIME echos, and mailing lists). Current available online games include 2 games of Legend of the Red Dragon (L.O.R.D.), L.O.R.D. II, Exitilus and Barren Realms Elite (B.R.E.). Usurper and others will be coming soon.

The address of this system is dinosaur-act.ath.cx. Use one of the telnet clients below or any other telnet client that supports ANSI color graphics (and file transfers if desired). For older computers that do not have tcp/ip capabilities, you can log into a UNIX shell type account and telnet from there. Eventually I hope to be able to make the BBS accessible from the web. Right now the only integrated feature is the chat feature.

Access is and always will be absolutely free. However if anyone wants to make a donation towards the BBS (to register more door games, add more drive space or whatever) I won't say no :).

Telnet Clients

Amiga: AmTelnet
Macintosh: ProTERM, Z-Term
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME: CommNet, mTelnet, NetTerm, ZOC
Windows 3.1: CommNet, CRT, NetTerm

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Drop me a note at afn04314@afn.org if you have any questions, comments, additions, or whatever.

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