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You are visitor number to this page since May 17th, 1996. I'm always on the lookout for rare, hard to find, etc. Matthew Sweet music so if you have anything you want to get rid of, let me know.

04/28/2011 - This page is extraordinarily out of date but here for historical purposes. Most of the files that used to be linked here can be found at Megalextoria.

03/01/2003 - Matthew Sweet's new Japanese only release,

is now being listed at Amazon!

02/28/2003 - Fixed and added a couple links. Anybody got any new demos for me? :)

01/21/2002 - Fixed the link for track 6 of Martian Daydream. I think this was the last of the non-working mp3 links.

01/18/2002 - Fixed the Up Close links on the mp3 page. They should be working now.

01/15/2002 - Fixed the links to the videos in the video section. You should be able to download them now. Now if I just had more to digitize...

01/14/2002 - I think I have the vast majority of the Matthew Sweet demos that are in circulation available for download in high quality MP3 format (still hoping all those In Reverse demos show up one day though!) but I have a real shortage of live stuff. If anyone can make me CD-R copies of any of the live shows floating around out there I would love to turn them into MP3s and provide them for download. I'm stil looking for videos too... Please contact me at if you are willing to provide either.

03/05/2001 - Changed login and password to the FTP server. Anonymous access is no longer allowed. See below for login and password.

02/27/2001 - Fixed some of the MP3 links that were broken. The West Wood One Stuff should now work as well as a few others. All the MP3 links should be working. I fix broken ones as I find them. Fixing the links to other pages and stuff and adding new ones is still on the to-do list. Still looking for videos...

The address for the mp3 ftp server is port 167 (Login: Matthew, Password: Sweet). Note: Login and password are case sensitive!

The address for Dinosaur Act: The sUpErDeFoRmEd BBS is telnet://

Drop me a note at if you have any questions, comments, additions, or whatever.

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