Some Anecdotes From Jen

Jen's first poker night with the boys

On one of my few evenings off of work, Jim asked me to sit in on a poker game with him and "the guys" (Kelly, Richie, Jamie, Brian, and Mel). The only kind of poker I had ever played was on my computer, and I always lose at that! But what the heck, the stakes aren't high and I'll try anything once! Besides, it was Kelly's THIRTIETH birthday, the BIG 3-0! so I had to go and wish him a happy birthday.

I had never before met any of these men in person, but I had talked with all of them on the phone from the radio station when they would call me during one of their poker games in the past. We sat around the table, poker-like. (Whatever that means.) We were all at Mel's house - and he had a bunch of chicken for Kelly's birthday (Kelly loves Popeye's chicken, so that's what was for dinner). Here I am, sitting at a table with six men ready to play cards. I felt like I should have been smoking a big, mean cigar. They started dealing the cards ... "Wait! Don't deal me in YET! I have to watch first and learn this stuff!"

So I sat between Jim and the birthday boy, trying to learn how this game was played. Just when I caught on, they switched games. Oh, they still played poker, but they went from something with five cards to something with three cards, and when I learned that, they decided we were going to play some game where we had to show all our cards except one. And then we played a game where we didn't get ANY cards ... yeah, I had a blast - these guys are funny! They told me jokes and kept me laughing til it hurt.

When I left, though, I wasn't as rich as I was when I went. I don't know if it's cuz I didn't learn how to play poker, if I was having bad luck, or they were taking advantage of "the girl."

Jen's second poker night with the boys

A week later "the guys" decided to get together for another poker game. What the heck - I'll try anything twice if I liked it the first time. So I went. There they were, around the table when Jim and I arrived - Kelly, Richie, Jamie, Mel, and Tom.

This time, though, I made my friend Jill come, too. She loved every minute of it! I was a veteran by now, having played poker with them once already. I knew how to play these games (yeah, right) so we were teaching Jill how to play this time. I think she lost more money than I did that night -- maybe cuz this time SHE was sitting between Jim and Kelly. Richie screwed me over a couple of times - made me play a hand when I wanted to fold - made me lose some money to Jim. I think Tom was the big winner that night, though. No wonder he looked so smug sitting across the table from me. Kept telling me it was no problem to break a one-hundred dollar bill if I needed it. I'm gonna kick all their butts during poker game number three, whenever that is. Of course, that's assuming I ever get invited back to a "guy's night."

And then there's the time Jen decided to wax her legs. Be sure to check it out!

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