"You're listening to Jen Page..."
"Say it five times fast!"
"Jen Page, Jen Page JenPage JenPageJenPage...!"
Sound familiar? Well, if not, you're doing something wrong! If it does, it means you're listening to Kiss 105.3 FM with Jen Page, who is arguably the coolest weeknight DJ in Gainesville and heard by hundreds of listeners every night, Monday through Friday.

By the way, for an audio sample of the above quoted text, check this out. And here's a comment on Jen's personality.

For those interested in Jen herself, this page provides a gathering of almost anything of which you might think to ask. (Except her weight: apparently there are at least a couple of things Jen would prefer we not know.)

General Info

Jen is originally from upstate New York. She has one five-year-old pet, Bridgette, which is part Chow and part Lab (so we can only assume that it must be a dog). She drives a burgundy 1996 Toyota Tercel that she enjoys very much, even if the salespeople kept trying to talk her into bigger and more expensive things (and apparently they were not totally unsuccessful, because she does have a spoiler and stripes on that pretty new car).

She graduates from the University of Florida in August, with a major in Telecommunication Operations & Management with an outside concentration in Business Administration. Exactly what that means, no one is sure, but whatever it is, that's what she's doing. :)

Before she began work for Kiss 105, she held jobs at Athletic Attic, Pharmor, and a car dealership in Darien Lake, NY. To read, in her own words, how she got into broadcasting, click here.

Here are some anecdotes, also related in her own words.
And here is a (not necessarily comprehensive) list of Jen's best friends.

Vital Stats and Miscellaneous Favorites

Favorite Movies

Favorite Actors & Actresses

Favorite Cartoons

Favorite Comic Strips

Favorite TV Show

Favorite Talk Shows

This list would have been shorter if she'd listed the ones she didn't like. :)

Favorite Food

What kind of music does Jen listen to?
Well, she enjoys more than just the music than Kiss 105 plays. She likes the old kind of country, alternative, rock, and miscellaneous others, and has over 400 CD's. Her secret? Well, the folks at BMG might not appreciate it if that were revealed.

Jen comes from a musical family: her parents belonged to a country band. She plays both the piano and the violin (though she hasn't played the latter in six years).

As a child, Jen had an 8-track player and 8-tracks which included Shaun Cassidy, Boxcar Willy, and Barry Manilow. The first album (yes, an actual vinyl record) she got was " Def Leppard - Pyromania." The first concert she ever attended was an Olivia Newton John concert in Buffalo, NY, at age 11. The best concert she's been to was Rush, which, according to her, had the best laser show anywhere. Her favorite music videos are any of Peter Gabriel's.

Here's a rundown of her favorite artists:

A word from Jen on stuffed animals:
"I think a stuffed animal is a much sweeter gift than a dozen roses. Roses are beautiful (tulips even better), but they'll die. A stuffed animal will be around forever and you can snuggle with it at night, too."
Jen's current favorite is a teddy bear named Joe Joe Bear, which gets to snuggle with her every night. The previous lucky bear's name is, appropriately, Mr. Lucky. :)

Check out some of Jen's favorite links.

If you'd like to know anything else about Jen, anything relating to her work at Kiss 105, or just want to say hi, send email to her at

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