Jen's Best Friends

Jen's best friends on Earth ...

Laura Heacock
Laura Heacock has been one of my best friends since I was in middle school in upstate New York. She was my brother's girlfriend when the two of them were in 7th grade. She's one of the sweetest people I've ever met and I love her dearly. She and my brother, both much older now, are engaged to be married! Not many people get to be related to one of their best friends!
Lisa Markle
Lisa Markle was my very first best friend. We met in 4th grade in upstate New York. We lived down the street from one another, so we walked home from school together. I invited her over to my house for macaroni & cheese (I don't know why I remember this, but I do) and ever since that day we spent every day with each other, talking about boys and talking about boys. Oh yeah, we sometimes talked about boys, too. Lisa even lived at my house for a while. Now she's married and has a daughter. I'm trying to talk her into moving to Florida.
Joe Stramel
Joe Stramel is another one of my best friends. I met him in Gainesville, but as luck would have it, he got a job transfer to Memphis, Tennessee. It's a long story how we met, so I'll leave that story alone, but I couldn't mention my best friends and leave his name off the list.
Drew Durigan
Drew Durigan - well, he's the one who got me into radio. He is a master himself, at radio. I guess you can say I learned from the best. Now he's working a couple of radio jobs in the Orlando area. Mark my words. One day you'll be hearing him in New York. Well, he hates cold weather, so maybe L.A.
David Boulos
He's a good friend from high school. He's a really smart guy with a lot going for him ... he's working in West Palm Beach now for Sikorsky - they make helicopters. He can fly, too - not by flapping his arms - I mean he's got his pilot's license. He's single ... good-looking ... charming ... I recommend him to any single woman!

Jen's best friends in Gainesville ...

This is gonna be tough. I don't wanna leave anyone off the list ...
Jill Jordan
Jill Jordan was in my production class at UF. We were two of the three girls in this male-dominated class. She used to sit behind the finest guy in class and make goo goo eyes at him. I tried hookin' her up, but she's just too shy. We've been hangin' out ever since. She just got a job in Atlanta at CNN, though, so she's going to end up in the "Jen's best friends on Earth" category ...
Jim Fuller
Jim Fuller told me I'm his good luck charm because I helped him win a game of poker. I told him I deserved a blue ribbon for that -- and he gave me one. Now he's one of my best friends. Strange how people meet, huh? Well, he knows almost everything there is to know about me, which is kind of scary. I guess if I were to say he had any flaws it would be that he's a Miami Dolphins fan. GO BILLS!!!!!!
Mike Potter
Mike Potter is so thin he looks like he only has one side, and I can say that cuz he's one of my best friends too. He also looks like Bill Nuy the science guy. Take a look at him. You'll agree!
CJ Hinson
CJ Hinson is one of the greatest guys I know - has one of the greatest bodies I know, too! I have been out with CJ in public places several times, and every single time he runs into some female he knows -- usually more than one -- and they FLOCK to him. This man should have the biggest ego around. I don't know how he stays so humble, but I love him.
James-Paul Dice
James-Paul Dice talked me into working at AM-850. If it weren't for that talk show I'd never have loosened up and fallen in love with radio the way I did. I owe that to him!

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