Jen decides to wax

Jen told the following story on the air late one night (early one morning) a while back. At that time there probably weren't too many people tuning in, so she might not have minded talking about it, but having everyone on the internet know about it might be another matter. :)

Apparently Jen wanted to lie out by the pool to tan, but she also wanted to display beautifully silky smooth legs while she was doing it. However, she found constant shaving to be a real hassle, so she decided to save a lot of time and effort by waxing her legs, which, in case you don't know, tends to keep hair from growing out for quite a while so that the smooth legs can be enjoyed without the irritation of shaving every day.

So, she bought a do-it-at-home kit, smeared the hot wax over her legs, pressed the tape down over it, and then ripped the wax from her legs, taking the unwanted hairs with it.

"You know what?" says Jen. "It hurts!"

After that she decided that the tan just wasn't worth it any more. Go figure.

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