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Alachua County Area
Storm Spotter's
Field Guide

Alachua County
Storm Spotter's Handbook

(NOTE: This site is a work in progress. Bare with us.)


  • Alachua County Storm Spotter's Field Guide
    A spotter's aid to help identify storm features as they actuall appear here in Alachua County.

  • Alachua County Spotting Locations
    Where to find the best viewing locations around the county to aid in storm spotting.

  • Storm Spotting Education
    Links to sites to help you learn.

  • Index To SKYWARN Web Sites On The Internet
    Lists other SKYWARN web sites across the world.

  • Obtaining FREE Severe Weather Bulletins
    Local area spotters have a free service available to them run by Alachua County SKYWARN which allows them to receive severe weather-related bulletins to their cellphone, pager, or email account! This is not run by a commercial entity. It is privately operated by Alachua County SKWYARN.

  • Mobile Scanner & RADAR-Detector Laws In The United States
    Spotters, hams, and public servants alike make use of scanners so that they know what is going on around them. This site lists the laws regarding their usage. To use a scanner in Florida requires that you have either a ham license, a permit, or that you be a member of the Press on assignment, or a licensed alarm system contractor in order to use one while MOBILE. (Using one from the home breaks no laws.) The laws vary from state to state, too. Know the law before you go.

Alachua County Area
Storm Spotter's Handbook

E-mail: handbook@alachuaskywarn.org
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