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The JAM TV staff has been working on their documentary for the Polk County Academy Awards. The topic is on Boating Safety. It was all filmed in one day, but has taken months to edit. All editing is done on a computer using a program called Media Suite Pro. Still in the editing process, editors Will Fowler and Ashleigh Vaught only have a few days of work left. After putting on the finishing touches, they will transfer the document from Media Suite to tape, and then will be able to put it together on one tape with the editing machines. By using computer grapghics, Will and Ashleigh were able to make titles (names of the interviewer and interviewee) on the interviews, make a beatiful beginning title, and many other extrordanary effects. JAM TV would like to thank Ron Campbell and Joe Chambers, volunteers for the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission, for taking time out to be interviewed by Robert Antonello and Craig Clevenger, and for putting on a courtesy inspection on one of JAM TV's boats; Cypress Gardens for their interviews by Ashleigh Vaught and for their permission to allow filmage from the Island in the Sky; Dr. Bob Antonello for his introduction to the video; the parents of the crew for bringing the crew to and from the spot of filming, and for picking up the some of the crew after school for editing purposes; Sea Doo for allowing us to use clips from their video; and a special thanks to Gene Vaught for allowing JAM TV to do all of their filming from the docks at and in his business, Gene's Lakeside Marine, on Lake Shipp.

Boating Safety Screen Shots

Click on graphics to see them in an enlargement in millions of colors.

The opening title of the documentary in front of a motion shot of beautiful Cypress Gardens.

Dr. Bob Antonello begins the documentary
with an introduction to the new Boating
Course law.

Reporter and Editor, Ashleigh Vaught,
interviews a Cypress Gardens Professional

Robert Antonello, Reporter for JAM TV,
interviews Florida Game and Fresh Water
Fish Commission volunteer, Ron Campbell.

Craig Clevenger interviews another volunteer for the
commission, Joe Chambers.

A picture of Cypress Gardens boat drivers
from a part of the documentary.

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